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Give yourself a souvenir of the experience in the Terra di Bari , discover the Bari Experience gadgets

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At the infopoint in Piazza del Ferrarese you will find beautiful gadgets/souvenirs to always carry with you


Souvenir gadgets Bari Puglia InfopointBariExperience is now increasingly a reference for many travelers and tourists from all over the world.

Thousands of users visit this site every month just as thousands of people ultimately choose to visit Bari at any time of the year .

How can you think, therefore, of not taking a small souvenir of your experience in the Terra di Bari ?

If it was this site that convinced you, then you really have more than one reason to take home a souvenir of your Bari Experience! Continue reading this article if you want to find out what gdgets are and where to find them.

From t-shirts to key rings, from hats to bags

Souvenir gadget key ring Infopoint Bari PugliaThanks to the main sponsor Art&Communication , BariExperience makes use of splendid gadgets to always carry with us or perhaps to give as souvenirs to our friends and relatives. Not only t-shirts , but also backpack bags (very comfortable during the trip) , key rings as blue as the sea of ​​Bari and beautiful hats to protect yourself from the sun (which is almost never lacking in Bari, especially in summer).

You can find them at the Infopoint in Piazza del Ferrarese

Tourist infopoint Bari Experience Piazza Ferrarese

Are you wondering where to find these magnificent souvenirs as a souvenir of your experience in Bari?

Very easy, you can find them at the Infopoint in Piazza del Ferrarese , on the outskirts of old Bari .
An area where 99% of the time you will pass by since this square is one of the symbolic places of the city, as well as a meeting point for many people from Bari and tourists. The infopoint will be your point of reference in the center of Bari!

Tourist infopoint Bari Puglia Bariexperience

, thanks to the services offered by the Bari Infopoint , you will be able to better plan your itinerary and book some tours and experiential activities that will undoubtedly enrich your stay in the city. You will be welcomed by highly friendly, professional staff with knowledge of several languages. In the meantime, while waiting for your turn, you have the opportunity to purchase many objects, gadgets and souvenirs made available by the tourist information point. At this point, it will be inevitable to notice the corner dedicated to BariExperience .

Souvenir gadgets Infopoint Bari Puglia
Bari Puglia souvenir gadgets

Where is the Infopoint in Piazza del Ferrarese

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