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Apulian ceramics: precious souvenirs for a "kiss" from Puglia


The mouth of “Lolita” in authentic Apulian ceramics: discover beautiful handmade souvenirs


Souvenir Puglia Apulian ceramicsAn original and fascinating collection of souvenirs that captures the essence of Puglia and its vibrant culture.
These are the “Un Bacio dalla Puglia” ceramics , handmade objects in authentic Apulian ceramics so you can go home with a piece of this wonderful region. But why do these artistic treasures make the ceramics themselves so special? The “A Kiss from Puglia” ceramics offer a wide range of objects handmade by skilled local artisans, making each of these pieces truly unique works of art which unequivocally reflect all the details and craftsmanship of the traditional Apulian craftsmanship.

Artisanal quality of ceramics

Apulian ceramics Lolita souvenirsThe motifs and designs of these splendid Apulian ceramics are inspired by Puglia itself , with references to distinctive elements such as the trulli , the traditional white stone cones, and the characteristic centuries-old olive trees , all aimed at transmitting love and passion for one's land and through every single stroke. Each ceramic , in fact, is rich in bright colors and intricate patterns that evoke a sense of joy and vitality.

Each piece, therefore, is handmade with great care, using traditional techniques handed down from generation to generation; an obsessive attention to detail which is reflected in the finish which is as impeccable as it is never left to chance.

The “A Kiss from Puglia” ceramics are created with the highest quality materials, a guarantee that allows these precious objects to maintain their beauty over time. The resistance and durability of these artisanal is such that they can become not only beautiful and authentic Apulian souvenirs , but also real collector's items.

Your unforgettable memory from Puglia

Souvenir Apulian ceramic plates

Bringing home one of these Apulian ceramics from "Un Bacio dalla Puglia" means bringing with you a tangible memory of your experience there, as well as a unique way to remember the beauty and magic of Bari and Puglia .
But the aspect that makes these souvenirs even more interesting is that they can be used in different ways, for example they can be displayed in the home as pieces of furniture, or used as plates, or even as vases and decorative objects in the home, without any limit of imagination.

Souvenir Apulian ceramic vaseFurthermore, it should not be excluded that these ceramics labeled "Un Bacio dalla Puglia" can also be transformed into a perfect gift for friends and family who love artistic and cultural beauties, as well as Puglia itself. These souvenirs , moreover, tell stories of passion and manual skill typical of the Apulian artisan , offering an unforgettable experience for those who purchase them and a pleasant and unexpected surprise for those who receive them.

Who sells "A kiss from Puglia"?

You can find these precious amulets at Fisoro Gioielli Unici in the heart of Rutigliano, province of Bari. Alternatively, you can purchase them directly online!

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A kiss from Puglia

Lolita necklace



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