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Is Bari dangerous? 10 nice tips to avoid taking any risks

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The real danger is becoming too in love with the city. This is why Bari is "dangerous"!


Is Bari dangerous? Bari is safe

Welcome to the magnificent city of Bari , where the danger is not what you might expect!

In a world that often seems full of unexpected events, threats and pitfalls, Bari challenges conventions by offering us a very special type of danger: that of falling hopelessly and repeatedly into the "vices" and cheerful "clutches" of this fascinating and welcoming city.

To best prepare you for your adventure in Bari , you might find a list of ironic warnings which, in reality, are a hymn to the strengths of this wonderful city. So, put your worries aside and get ready to discover why in Bari, the biggest danger is… never wanting to leave!

Here are some tips to keep in mind for an unforgettable visit to Bari and old Bari.
Good fun! 🌞🌊🍕🍝🏟️

Don't follow the smell of focaccia

Bari is not dangerous. Bari-style focaccia bread

First important advice, avoid gluttony. I know, it's really difficult in Bari but you have to be careful to follow the smell of focaccia in the alleys of old Bari or in the streets of the centre. You could become addicted to it for the entire period of your stay in Bari and even buy pieces of focaccia at any time of the day!

Don't fall in love with Bari's seafront

Bari is not dangerous. Seafront

Bari's seafront is one of the first things you'll want to see in this city. However, in addition to making you addicted to the scent of the sea, that irreparable desire of never wanting to leave Bari .

So be careful because there are already many of us here who don't want to leave!

Don't look too much at the shop windows on Via Shooto

Bari is not dangerous. Via Sparano

If you love designer labels and shopping , then boutiques and luxury shops in Via Sparano could seriously damage your wallet. So, if you are in the habit of putting some money aside, forget about continuing to do so while walking along Via Sparano .

Don't be enchanted by Petruzzelli

I know, the Petruzzelli theater is one of those attractions where it is almost impossible not to stop to look at it and take photos. But be careful, some tourists take photos in the middle of the road, unaware of the traffic and the scooters whizzing by behind them. Please, stand out from the crowd and take photos from the sidewalk!

Avoid getting burned on Pane e Pomodoro

Bari is not dangerous. Pane e Pomodoro beach

Bari boasts wonderful, warm sunny days , not only in summer but also at other times of the year. What does it mean? That there is a high risk of getting sunstroke in any season... (seeing is believing). Having said that, be careful not to relax too much on Pane e Pomodoro , the beach of Bari!

Don't become too nice to the people of Bari

Bari is not dangerous.

Another danger . Here it doesn't take much to make friends and become nice in the eyes of the people of Bari! You will meet cheerful and chatty people but be careful, if you enter the heart of the Bari people you will immediately be offered a beer , in some cases even more than one!
In the worst case scenario, however, you will be invited directly to lunch on Sunday , with the risk of missing the return flight... you don't want to stay in Bari?!

Never meet a granny's eyes

The women of Bari are wonderful, those of the old guard even more so! So be very careful with older ladies, their sweetness could captivate you on the spot with a parmigiana or a freshly baked
pasta Never be alone with a granny!

Not tasting "the killer" is a crime

There are historical dishes that you won't be able to escape from, like the assassin!
Typical Bari dish, born in 1967, consisting of slightly burnt, therefore crunchy spaghetti, seasoned with tomato and chilli pepper. Killer as they are particularly spicy (for weaker palates there are those who make it slightly spicy).

Don't always think about fried panzerotto

When you have tasted a good fried panzerotto from Bari , its image will remain in your mind so much that you will start to see fried panzerotti everywhere! Even the moon seen from the Bari seafront will seem like a panzerotto to you (but don't tell your partner, you would ruin a romantic moment). We warned you.

Always remember a "go cheat"

Bari is not dangerous. Go Bari football

Bari and the people of Bari have a great passion, that of football! Here everyone supports Bari, or almost everyone. Do you want to make yourself nice? Before ending a pleasant conversation, saying goodbye and leaving, add a “Forza Bari” and you will always be welcome!
Don't you want to say it? Bad, very bad... but the people of Bari will love you anyway.

Other ideas and tips to fall in love with Bari

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