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Bari street food focaccia panzerotti

Bari is much more than just a tourist destination. It's a city that knows how to win the hearts (and stomachs) of those who visit it. Thanks to its ancient gastronomic tradition , Bari is a true paradise for lovers of good food.

From the irresistible Bari focaccias to the delicious panzerotti , here you will find a universe of authentic flavors that will surely delight your palate. The city is renowned for its street food , a true celebration of the goodness of the area.

The “Street food tour Bari” proposed on this page is a registered trademark, as well as the first official food tour in Bari; a sign of a guarantee that over time continues to satisfy the minds and palates of many tourists. Having said that, continue reading to discover the most typical street food that you absolutely cannot miss during your visit to Bari.

The exquisite scraps

Street food from Bari sgagliozze BariThese fried polenta slices are a real indulgence.

With their crunchy texture on the outside and softness on the inside, the flakes are an explosion of flavors that will win you over at the first bite.
In Bari you can find them everywhere, especially when walking through the alleys of old Bari

The traditional focaccia from Bari

Where to eat Apulian focaccia in old BariWhen it comes to street food in Bari , the Bari focaccia is unquestionably one of the protagonists – it embodies the very soul of Bari !

With its soft texture and inviting aroma, it is a real delight. Simple but high-quality ingredients, such as extra virgin olive oil and cherry tomatoes, combine perfectly to create a unique flavor. Whether you enjoy it in the morning for a substantial breakfast or as a snack during the day, focaccia from Bari will always be a winning choice.

Local cheeses and cured meats

Street food tour Velo Service BariHere you can also find local cheeses and cured meats. Among the cheeses, Canestrato Pugliese will enchant you with its compact consistency and intense flavour, while Burrata di Andria will amaze you with its irresistible creaminess. You can't miss the Caciocavallo Podolico del Gargano , a cheese with a robust and strong flavour, or the fresh and light Cacioricotta Orsanese. When it comes to cured meats, the Capocollo from Martina Franca will seduce you with its tenderness and aromatic flavour, while the Soppressata Pugliese will delight you with its balanced spiciness. Finally, the Prosciutto Crudo di Faeto , with its delicate sweetness and smoky note, is also an absolute must-try.

The delicious panzerotti from Bari

Street food tour panzerotti Bari PugliesiThese delicious morsels of fried leavened dough , semicircular or rectangular in shape, have a golden and crunchy crust that hides a soft filling that can vary depending on local preferences and traditions. The panzerotti are stuffed with mozzarella, tomato and basil, but there are many other creative variations, such as those filled with ham, mushrooms, cheese or olives.

The secret of panzerotti lies in the perfect balance between the external crunchiness and the softness of the stringy filling. Often served hot and freshly fried, panzerotti are a real pleasure for the palate.

The irresistible artisanal ice cream

Street food artisan ice cream Bari PugliaWalking through the cobbled streets of this Apulian city, you will find renowned ice cream parlors where ice cream is a true art.

Made using high quality ingredients and recipes handed down over time, each tasting is a symphony of flavours: choose from the classics or be surprised by the innovative creations, although the velvety creaminess and intensity of the flavors will make you want to savor them all!

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