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Too hot in Puglia? Download FontaninApp and find out where the typical Apulian fountains are located

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FontaninApp: discover where the fresh water of Puglia is found and live an experience with the "cape de firr"


Fontaninapp Apulian aqueduct Cape de firr

If you are planning a visit to the splendid Puglia and the Terra di Bari , here is a surprising application to download to better deal with the summer heat: the new version of FontaninApp .

This innovative free application , created by Acquedotto Pugliese (AQP) , will guide you to discover the over 2,300 "cape de firr" , the characteristic Apulian fountains , for a fresh and regenerating experience.

Available on Android and iOS , FontaninApp allows you to locate fountains both on the map and through augmented reality, using the camera on your smartphone or tablet. In addition to providing you with a guide to reach the nearest fountain, the application offers you valuable information on the quality of public water from each individual source.

But the surprises don't end there. The new FontaninApp has been made collaborative, allowing each user to add fountains not yet marked on the map, sharing photos and descriptions. This collective contribution helps spread the culture of public water by fostering a deeper connection with the roots and common history of the region.

Furthermore, the application offers a section dedicated to news regarding the world of water and the sustainability of the Apulian territory , providing valuable information especially for conscious management of this precious resource.

What are "cape de firr"?

The “cape de firr” Apulian dialect term used to indicate the typical public fountains present in Puglia . The term comes from the local dialect and literally means "iron heads" , as these fountains often have a tap or an iron top similar to a hat.

The "cape de firr" are characteristic fountains present above all in the historic centres, villages and cities of Puglia, and obviously also have a long historical tradition. Usually, they are placed in strategic points where people can stop to drink fresh water and refresh themselves during the hot summer days.

These fountains have a very significant cultural and social role, since, in addition to providing drinking water , they are often considered meeting and socialization points for people from the local community and visitors.

With the new FontaninApp , the “cape de firr” are valorised and made easily accessible to tourists and citizens, helping to preserve this tradition and promote the importance of public and sustainable water in the region.

An example of a typical Apulian fountain

Fontaninapp cpe de firr Apulian aqueduct

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