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A small forest between the buildings: explore the Bosco di Cancello Rotto

A green area between the buildings, with the appearance of a small forest.
They call it Broken Gate Woods

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Forest of via Cancello Rotto Bari Puglia

Bari is a city that works to become increasingly sustainable and green. Evidence of this is in one of the various initiatives present in the city, specifically such as that of the transformation of an uncultivated area of ​​over 5000 m2 into a beautiful multifunctional urban forest .

This space, located in a residential area of ​​Bari, via Cancello Rotto (the name from which the forest takes its inspiration) is characterized by trees of considerable size and a tree cover of more than 50%. A place where nature and the city meet, walking among the numerous trees and enjoying the freshness and beauty of nature, sheltered from the typical city chaos.

But this urban forest is not just a place to walk. wildlife gardening workshops , but also practice yoga and pilates, take part in workshops or quite simply learn to take care of nature and the animals that live there.

Urban forest of via Cancello Rotto Bari It is an enchanting "forest" , even if it isn't actually a forest, but nevertheless it reminds us of it perfectly thanks to a microclimate that has favored its appearance. Hidden among the buildings on via Cancello Rotto , in the Carrassi district, the small urban forest was entrusted to various associations who took the cause to heart and did their utmost, with the aim of enhancing a potentially beautiful but abandoned space . The even more interesting aspect, however, is that the work of these associations has not gone unnoticed; the initiative, in fact, has won the sympathy of the various residents of that street who, in turn, have made themselves available to the same associations in order to support their activities, but above all, to collaborate in maintaining this forest always cared for, active and welcoming .

If you are curious to discover this lovely urban green area in the residential heart of Bari, and perhaps stay updated on all the activities of the associations that take care of its appearance, we recommend you follow the following pages on social networks: boscocancellorotto


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