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An urban forest for Bari: help the city build

26 October 2023 An old landfill can become a large urban forest. Contribute too by donating trees! Very recently, Bari's Environment Councilor, Pietro Petruzzelli, invited citizens and companies to contribute to the creation of an urban forest on the outskirts of Bari. The area identified is a former municipal landfill of San Giorgio Martire, located [… ] Find out more

A small forest between the buildings: explore the Bosco di

A green area between the buildings, with the appearance of a small forest. They call it Bosco di Cancello Rotto Image source: Bari is a city that works to become increasingly sustainable and green. Evidence of this is in one of the various initiatives present in the city, specifically such as that of the transformation of an uncultivated area of ​​[…] Find out more

4 urban gardens to experience nature first-hand

From flowers to vegetables, to fruit: discover some urban gardens managed directly by the Bari community. If you are a nature lover then you will most likely be interested in discovering these curious urban gardens. These are, essentially, initiatives aimed at stimulating contact with nature in different areas of the city, those places where […] Find out more