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Christmas in Bari, the most attractive areas and the "temple" of Santa Claus

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Which areas to visit in Bari during the Christmas period? Here are some places not to be missed


Spend Christmas in Bari PugliaBari has always been a city full of entertainment, however what presents itself every year during the Christmas period is a particularly lively, illuminated and, above all, fragrant Bari

Yes, because walking through the streets of the center of Bari , before, during and after the Christmas holidays , means immersing yourself above all in the smells of the typical products of this city, including focaccia , sgagliozze , sweets and so on and so forth. But let's take a step back and go back to talking about entertainment, specifically those streets and squares that normally become the main arteries of Christmas in Bari , as well as the most attractive and lively areas of the city.

Santa Claus villages, stalls, Christmas markets, street artists, Christmas trees and lights are just some of the many things you will find in Bari during your long (and also tasty) walks in the Apulian capital , not to mention the main streets of shopping, constantly full of people including young people, families, romantic walks, coffee, aperitifs and bags full of gifts.

In short, Bari at Christmas absolutely does not disappoint expectations, on the contrary, it becomes even more beautiful to experience, with a seafront further enhanced by the lights and an old Bari that is as colorful as it is extremely evocative. What are you waiting for? Find out now which areas are absolutely not to be missed if you intend to spend some beautiful days in Bari during the Christmas .

Among the lights of Via Sparano and surrounding areas

Illuminations Bari Puglia Via Sparano

Christmas arrives it's time for gifts, why not stop by the living room in Bari ? Via Sparano is the most representative shopping street in the city, without forgetting Via Argiro (full of shops and bars, perhaps for a nice hot chocolate) , Corso Cavour, Corso Vittorio Emanuele and all the parallel streets of the Murat district. Shopping in Bari is a riot of lights, colours, street artists, music and lots of joy, all to be experienced!

Under the tree in Piazza del Ferrarese

Christmas in Bari Vecchia Puglia

Every year there is always a tree to decorate the beautiful Piazza del Ferrarese , one of the main entrances to the historic center of Bari . How can you not take a nice souvenir photo in this elegant location? Here too there is no shortage of illuminations , with enchanting colored projections on the ancient buildings of old Bari that surround the square and which illuminate the eyes of adults and children.

Discovering the Christmas markets

Near Piazza del Ferrarese , precisely on Via Venezia (the slope that leads to the wall) , there are the characteristic Christmas markets of old Bari where you will find handcrafted works, toys, nativity scenes and objects of every kind and shape, all strictly in Christmas theme. An Christmas market to enjoy among the smell of sgagliozze and roasted chestnuts.

Among the lights of old Bari

Illuminations Bari old San Nicola

And how can we not include, among other things, the precious lights of old Bari ? With the arrival of Christmas, the ancient village of the city becomes even warmer thanks to hundreds of light bulbs that illuminate the ancient stone of Bari . A suggestive atmosphere that will accompany you along all the alleys of the historic center, perhaps with a warm piece of focaccia or a taste of Baresi's orecchiette .

Christmas from the Bari seafront

Illuminations Bari Vecchia Puglia

What happens to the longest seafront in Italy and Europe if you add beautiful lights and a giant Christmas tree ? Think of the Bari skyline with these ingredients to imagine the location that awaits you during the Christmas holidays .
The scent of the sea, which accompanies this city throughout the year, in December becomes the ideal setting for a truly overwhelming experience.

In the temple of Santa Claus

Basilica of San Nicola Natale Bari

How can you not stop and admire the Basilica of San Nicola , the saint who inspired the myth of Santa Claus ?
If you want to experience the essence of Christmas , and discover the hidden wonders of the church, you cannot miss this stage. Enter the heart of old Bari and visit this splendid monument to the Saint who unites millions of faithful all over the world.

Christmas shopping in the suburbs

What to do in Bari at Christmas

If you are a lover of comfortable shopping areas to vent your desire for shopping and gift ideas for Christmas , then you can only be attracted to a peripheral area of ​​Bari full of large structures tailor-made for you; from the Hot Air Balloon to MediaWorld , from the Maisons du Monde and Unieuro and so on, all festively decorated to welcome you in the sweet Christmas atmosphere. All this is on Strada Santa Caterina (exit 9 from the Bari ring road).

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