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Artisan nativity scenes in the heart of old Bari: discover at Christmas

“SpaccaBari”, the Christmas exhibition of designer nativity scenes in the suggestive Sant'Antonio fort. “SpaccaBari” is the exhibition of handcrafted nativity scenes dedicated to the nativity which, practically every year, displays its works in a very characteristic place, the Sant'Antonio fort. 'Anthony. There has been no Christmas, in recent years, without this beautiful exhibition of nativity scenes whose places, often, [...] Find out more

The real Santa Claus is buried in Bari. Even there

14 December 2023 CNN Travel turns the spotlight on Saint Nicholas, the Patron Saint of Bari and symbol of the legend of Santa Claus Bari is again in the news on CNN, but this time the protagonist is Saint Nicholas, Patron Saint of Bari and symbol of the legend of Santa Claus Christmas. In an article published in the […] Find out more

Christmas in Bari, the most attractive areas and the "temple"

Which areas to visit in Bari during the Christmas period? Here are some places not to be missed Bari has always been a city full of entertainment, however what presents itself every year during the Christmas period is a particularly lively, illuminated and, above all, fragrant Bari! Yes, because walking through the streets of the center of […] Find out more

The gigantic Christmas tree on the Bari seafront

12 December 2020 The Bari seafront and its large Christmas tree. The donation was made by the Megamark Bari Foundation, which has always been a welcoming and generous city, and this time it was rewarded by the generosity of local entrepreneurs. On the seafront of Bari, in fact, stands a large Christmas tree donated by the Megamark Foundation, a non-profit [...] Find out more

5 things to do in Bari during Christmas

Will you be in Bari around Christmas? Here are 5 suggestions for enjoying this city in the Christmas season. Like every year, Christmas arrives, and like every Christmas, Bari also prepares to celebrate and honor the best and sweetest season of the year. Normally the whole city gets ready for a party with lights, trees, decorations, […] Find out more

See the center of Bari during the Christmas period

17 December 2019 The wonderful Christmas atmosphere walking through the streets of the center of Bari It's time for gifts and like every year the center of Bari is besieged by the many people from Bari intent on looking for gifts for their loved ones to find under the tree. Obviously among these people from Bari there is also the undersigned who is […] Find out more


Saint Nicholas Day and Christmas lights

7 December 2019 The walk in old Bari, between San Nicola and Christmas lights. I am happy to notice how every year Bari surprises me more and more. Yesterday there were two events, the lighting of the Christmas tree in Piazza del Ferrarese (old Bari) in conjunction with the feast of San Nicola, the Patron Saint […] Find out more

Christmas lights in Bari Vecchia

29 November 2019 The Christmas lights are arriving in old Bari, don't miss them! If you are in Bari during the Christmas period you cannot miss this opportunity. Starting from December 6th it will be possible to walk through the alleys of the ancient village illuminated by Christmas lights installed to make the atmosphere of your walks even more magical. The lights in […] Find out more