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Hot air balloon ride to see Matera, the city of the Sassi

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A hot air balloon ride to admire Matera and her Sassi from above

Hot air balloon ride in Matera, city of the Sassi

About an hour's drive from Bari , just beyond the borders of Puglia , there is a wonderful place whose time seems to have stopped.

We are talking about Matera , one of the oldest cities in the world, elected a UNESCO World Heritage Site by virtue of the origins of the city itself. It is no coincidence, in fact, that Matera has been renamed "the city of the Sassi" and this is because the ancient homes of Matera are literally dug and sculpted directly into the mountain (hence the origin of the Sassi of Matera ) , giving life to a place so suggestive, and well preserved over time, that every year it attracts the attention of thousands of tourists from all over the world.

See visit Sassi di MateraHave you managed to imagine the beauty of Matera ? well, having made this important premise, now imagine flying over this suggestive place from an unusual perspective, the one offered by an imposing and colorful hot air balloon ! Basically, about an hour from Bari , an experience awaits you (that of the hot air balloon ride ) within another equally evocative experience (that of the visit to the Sassi of Matera ) .
The hot balloon flight over Matera could very likely become your very personal postcard to immortalise the beautiful Lucanian town from above; a fantastic experience to enjoy a panoramic view of the historic center and the evocative rock churches of the famous city of the Sassi .
It is therefore impossible to arrive in the Apulian capital and not take into consideration the opportunity not only of visiting Matera but above all of admiring it from above in all its beauty which obviously also includes the surrounding area in which the city itself is located, a natural landscape full of charm and which frames the magic of this splendid place in southern Italy .

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Matera in a hot air balloon around the city of the stonesTherefore, if you love breathtaking experiences or if you want to spend a few hours of your time in a decidedly alternative and out of the ordinary way, considering a hot air balloon ride alongside a visit to Matera can only add value to your experience in the city of the Sassi.

Normally, many tourists who arrive in Bari decide to take into consideration the possibility of taking a tour of Matera (as mentioned before it is just an hour's journey by car, we are on the border of Puglia ) which is why even you can evaluate this option, after all visiting such an important heritage and living a unique experience like that in a hot air balloon are not things that happen every day.
PS: unless you decide to come and live in Bari 🙂


Explore Matera between heaven and earth

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