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How to go from Bari to Alberobello? Some tips for reaching the Trulli

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How to reach the trulli of Alberobello starting from Bari, some practical advice

How to go from Bari to Alberobello

If you are planning a visit to Bari , the capital of the splendid Puglia , you cannot miss the opportunity to explore one of the most fascinating and unique gems in the world: Alberobello .

This town, with a magical and enchanting atmosphere, is famous for its trulli , i.e. its ancient limestone houses with conical-shaped roofs, even declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO . Alberobello , in fact, represents an unmissable stop for anyone who wants to live an authentic experience and immerse themselves in the history and culture of Puglia . Having said this, here is how you can reach Alberobello from Bari in an easy, practical and comfortable way, choosing one of the different transport options including car, bus and train . Let's see in detail.

Between freedom and flexibility: from Bari to Alberobello by car

From Bari to Alberobello by car

For those who love the freedom to explore locations at their own pace, the car is certainly the ideal choice.
From Bari , take the SS16 towards Brindisi and follow the signs for Monopoli . From there, continue on the SP113 to Alberobello . The journey lasts about 1 hour, but allows you to stop along the way to discover other beauties of our territory (such as Costa Ripagnola, in the photo).

The economical solution: from Bari to Alberobello by bus

How to go to Alberobello by bus

If you prefer to travel by bus , several companies offer direct connections between Bari and Alberobello . You can leave from the bus station near Bari central station . The journey lasts approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes and allows you to relax while admiring the landscape. Check the timetables on the websites of bus companies such as Marozzi or Miccolis to find the solution that best suits your needs.

A panoramic journey: from Bari to Alberobello by train

Reach Alberobello starting from Bari

The train is one of the most comfortable and evocative ways to reach Alberobello . Depart from Bari central station and board a Ferrovie del Sud Est (FSE) . The journey takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes, offering you breathtaking views of the Apulian countryside. Trains frequent , so you can choose the time that best suits your schedule. Consult the updated timetables on the Ferrovie del Sud Est or Trenitalia .

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