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Walking on water? In Bari you can, if there is low tide

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An extraordinary event, but one that could happen again. Low tide at Pane e Pomodoro creates a sandy path

Low tide Pane e Pomodoro beach

2022 started with a nice surprise that cannot be ruled out again in the future . at the end of January , an unusual event occurred which did not go unnoticed in the eyes of the people of Bari and the numerous tourists present in the Apulian capital .

The phenomenon of low tide has caused the creation of a real sandy path in the middle of the sea of ​​Pane e Pomodoro (the famous beach of Bari) , attracting the attention of many people, including that of the undersigned who has not lost time to head towards this absolute novelty.

The result of this surprising phenomenon was first of all a lot of curiosity , but above all the sensation of walking on the sea since, during the crossing, a few centimeters of water under your feet reinforced the idea.
Not only that, another interesting aspect is that this strip of sand has connected the Pane e Pomodoro beach with the breakwaters located exactly in front, giving the possibility of reaching them extremely easily but this time on foot and dressed, not by swimming!

Low tide Pane e Pomodoro beach Bari 2022

Once you reach the breakwaters , the panorama that presents itself becomes truly noteworthy. From this point, in fact, it is possible to admire not only the Pane e Pomodoro , but the entire Bari seafront with its palm trees, street lamps and the splendid seagulls flying over the open sea behind us. And what about the skyline of old Bari seen in the distance? if it is possible to admire it from the beach , imagine the beauty of observing it in the middle of the sea , perhaps sitting right on the breakwater.

Therefore, this strip of sand literally opened the way to a fantastic experience. It's true, it was an extraordinary event that is unlikely to be repeated over time, but nothing is impossible in this fantastic area, so if you decide to come to Bari, take a look at Pane e Pomodoro , you never know.

Low tide Bread and Tomato January 2022

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