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Parking in Bari: advice on where to park your car in the city center

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Where to park your car in Bari: from Park & ​​Ride to multi-storey car parks in the center of Bari.
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Parking in Bari city centerDo you want to know where the car parks are in Bari? If you are asking yourself this question then read this article carefully because you will find exactly what you need.

Parking in Bari , in fact, can represent a real challenge, especially for those who visit the city for the first time and rightly do not know some of the dynamics and difficulties that they could encounter on site.

Bari is among the largest cities in Italy (the ninth Italian city to be precise, with its approximately 316 thousand inhabitants - 2023 data) and like all large cities it is characterized by intense, daily traffic. Many streets in Bari , among other things, are not very large, which is why the limited availability of parking spaces often makes it difficult to find convenient and safe parking .

However, with a few precautions and knowing the right solutions, it is possible to avoid stress and waste of time looking for a parking space . Here are some useful indications for those arriving in Bari by car, especially for those who choose to rent one to get around Bari and its surroundings .

Park & ​​Ride: Leave the car and take the shuttle bus

Bari Park and Ride parkingPark & ​​Ride” are another valid and convenient solution for parking your car in Bari . These car parks , located in peripheral or semi-peripheral areas of the city, allow motorists to leave their vehicle and continue their journey towards the city center using public transport (shuttle buses) .

This solution can prove advantageous for the wallet but obviously, since they are public car parks , it does not mean that there will always be space, especially in the morning when the people of Bari leave their cars to go to work. In some cases, in fact, it may be necessary to queue in the hope that some parking spaces will become available. Plus there's the wait for the shuttle bus (don't worry, they normally run every 10-15 minutes, so the runs are quite frequent, barring unforeseen events).


Below is a list of the main Park & ​​Rides in Bari:

1) Park & ​​Ride Largo 2 June

2) Park & ​​Ride Vittorio Veneto (land side)

3) Park & ​​Ride Vittorio Veneto (sea side)

4) Park & ​​Ride Bread and Tomato

5) Park & ​​Ride Polipark

2 convenient car parks in the center of Bari

Parking in the center of BariThe first car park to suggest is undoubtedly the GestiPark in Piazza Cesare Battisti, one of the best known and most used car parks in the center of Bari .

Its particularly central location (a stone's throw from Via Sparano) makes it a convenient option for anyone who wants to explore the city, go shopping, work or attend events in the historic center. The car park is multi-storey and underground , therefore ideal for leaving cars in the shade during the very hot days in Bari and with a considerable capacity of parking spaces (a few hundred).

A second and useful car park is Saba Guadagni , behind the church of S. Antonio in the Umbertino district. Also in this case we are talking about a large multi-storey car park, therefore with a good capacity to accommodate a large number of vehicles. As with GestiPark, it too proves to be strategic thanks to its proximity to the Bari Centrale railway station .

Parking in Bari, watch out for the ZTL of old Bari

Bari old ZTLThe Limited Traffic Zone (ZTL) is a delimited area within a city where the access and circulation of vehicles are subject to some rigorous restrictions. The main objective of the ZTL , in fact, is to reduce traffic, improve air quality and preserve areas of historical and tourist interest.

In Bari , as well as in many other Italian cities, ZTLs are implemented to better manage traffic flow and protect the historic center. It is no coincidence, in fact, that one of the Limited Traffic Zones is Old Bari . Having said that, before entering the areas of old Bari to look for parking, check whether the ZTL are active or not, to avoid passing and/or parking your car without the necessary permits.

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