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4 places to see a beautiful sunrise in the heart of Bari

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Make your stay in Bari romantic, discover 4 areas where you can watch a beautiful sunrise



Where to watch the sunrise in Bari in Puglia

How can you come to Bari and not think of enjoying sunrise and sunset by the sea?

Well, now that we have started off on the right foot we can explain why your stay in Bari must absolutely include at least one of these things here.
But let's talk about the sunrise: seeing the sunrise in Bari can be an extremely magical and evocative experience. The calm and serene atmosphere, with the sun rising on the horizon and the shades of the sky gradually changing color shades, can create a unique atmosphere that will remain with you throughout your trip, and even beyond.

Not only that, Bari offers a wonderful view of the Adriatic , and seeing the sunrise over the sea , with the silence of the city accompanied only by the sounds emitted by birds and seagulls, gives a breathtaking atmosphere. It is an experience that people don't often have by necessity, and taking the opportunity to do it in Bari can be a unique and unforgettable experience.

There are several places to see the sunrise in Bari , but in this article we recommend some where the show is absolutely guaranteed.


The sunrise seen from Largo Giannella

Largo Giannella is that classic roundabout on the sea from where you can watch the sunrise directly "in your face". Yes, from here the dawn is practically in front of you , with the first lights reflecting on the sea creating an incredible palette of colors at your feet.
Do we get the idea?

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The sunrise seen from Pane e Pomodoro beach

The beauty of the sunrise seen from Pane e Pomodoro beach is certainly an experience that cannot be missed when visiting this city. The wide stretch of golden sand, overlooking the Adriatic Sea, is the perfect place to watch the start of a new day in Bari .

The sunrise seen from the walls of Bari Vecchia

Even the sunrise from the walls of Bari Vecchia has a "romantic" flavor. The city skyline is illuminated by the first rays of the sun, creating a magical and silent atmosphere. The sun on the ancient houses and the immensity of the sea seen from above frame a breathtaking landscape.

Sunrise from the walls of Bari Vecchia Puglia

Sunrise from Molo San Nicola

Another strategic point to enjoy the sunrise on the Bari seafront , and probably one of the best, is the San Nicola pier. There is also a small square platform here where you can take some wonderful photos.

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