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Belvedere seafront Bari Puglia

The seafront is undoubtedly one of the main attractions of Bari, symbol of the Apulian capital and of the Bari area, for this reason it becomes essential for a tourist to discover the best position to be able to best immortalize this very long route.

In fact, as already mentioned several times in other sections of this site, the Bari seafront is one of the longest seafronts in Italy and Europe and with its cast iron street lamps that illuminate the entire coast of the city (there are 197 for precision) offers every day, especially at sunset, a show of lights and colors that only a place like Bari can offer in a similar context. Having said that, what better position to take beautiful photos of the Bari seafront ? You should know that there is a terrace, right on the sea, located precisely on the Sant'Antonio pier , one of the oldest structures in the city connected to the old port.

Bari seafront viewpoint in the eveningHere the spectacle of the Bari seafront is guaranteed for two simple reasons; first of all this terrace, despite the modest height above sea level, allows you to enjoy a breathtaking view, but what is even more important is that the point where this interesting space is positioned allows you to see not only the southernmost area (let's take it as reference the tower of the provincial palace) but also the area further north (old Bari and the port of Bari) thus having the possibility of admiring both parts of the extensive seafront .

Bari seafront pierDo you think the show ends here?
Absolutely not. Continuing your walk, then descending from the terrace of the fish market , there is a road that takes you towards the tip of this fantastic pier and which will allow you to reach the most extreme part of the panorama; in this area you will feel almost immersed in the sea because you will find yourself practically on the opposite side from the coast; you understood correctly, the seafront will be right in front of you.

Therefore the Sant'Antonio pier is one of those places you absolutely must visit during your experience in Bari , a strategic viewpoint where you can immortalize the entire Bari seafront and give you a perfect memory of this trip to the Apulian capital .

Belvedere of the Bari seafront

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