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Guided tours by Confguide Bari

ATTENTION: READ HERE BEFORE CONTINUING. The tours recommended on this site are not organized by BariExperience, in addition to promoting the area, also offers visibility to activities/experiences organized by third parties and already present on the web. The user is invited to check the quality of the tours and the accuracy of the information directly on the sites, links and […] Find out more

A strategic point to immortalize the entire Bari seafront

Discover an area where you can take postcard photos of the splendid Bari seafront. The seafront is undoubtedly one of the main attractions of Bari, symbol of the Apulian capital and of the Bari area, for this reason it becomes essential for a tourist to discover the best position to be able to best immortalize this very long journey. In fact, as already mentioned […] Find out more

The 1901 locomotive

Where to see the ancient steam locomotive from 1901 that crossed the Bari area. Not just the history of Bari, but the history of an era that no longer exists. This splendid example of a locomotive is evidence of what were the means of rail transport at the beginning of the 20th century; the vehicle that […] Find out more

10 things to see in Bari

What to see in Bari? Here are ten things you absolutely must see when you are in the capital of Puglia. It's true, sometimes time isn't enough, but there are places that you absolutely shouldn't miss when you decide to see Bari and visit its attractions, monuments and most characteristic places. Bari has many places to […] Find out more

The suspension bridge: the North-South axis of Bari

Ponte Adriatico: the cable-stayed bridge, among the most important in southern Italy, with a tower that lights up in the evening. 626 meters long and a 78 meter high tower; these are some of the numbers of the Adriatic Bridge in Bari, inaugurated in December 2016 and which has become not only one of the most important civil works [...] Find out more

Monuments and attractions

Monuments to see in Bari? Here are some places and places characteristic of the city whose stories will fascinate you. Bari is not only a seaside city but also a place rich in history, culture and traditions. But the interesting aspect is that most of the places that have always characterized this cities are very close between […] Find out more

Sea and beaches nearby

Which beaches to see in Bari and its surroundings? Here are some beautiful places to relax and enjoy the sea of ​​Puglia. As you already know, Bari is a seaside city, and if you want to tan and take a dip then you will most likely have already realized that you have come to the right place. In fact, Bari always thinks about […] Find out more

Free museums: here's what to see in Bari every first Sunday

02 February 2020 #DomenicaAlMuseo: here are 3 places you can visit for free in Bari With the initiative introduced by the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism it is possible to visit museums and historical attractions every first Sunday of the month and throughout the year. In fact, #domenicalmuseo is back and offers free entry to the places [...] Find out more

First Sunday of the month? Entrance to the Museum is free!

03 December 2019 Free entry returns every first Sunday of the month Thanks to the initiative introduced by the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, #domenicalmuseo returns which provides free entry to places of culture every first Sunday of the month . Obviously the initiative also concerns the Puglia Museum Complex, as well as all […] Find out more

In the surroundings of Bari

What is there to see near Bari? A world waiting to be discovered! Here are some beautiful places in the surrounding area. As already mentioned several times in this blog, Puglia is a land rich in resources and some of its best expressions are right around Bari From north to south this land is full of suggestive places and […] Find out more