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Artisan nativity scenes in the heart of old Bari: at Christmas discover “SpaccaBari”

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“SpaccaBari”, the Christmas exhibition of designer nativity scenes in the suggestive Sant'Antonio fort


Nativity scene exhibition in SpaccaBari

“SpaccaBari” is the exhibition of handcrafted nativity scenes dedicated to the nativity which, practically every year, displays its works in a very characteristic place, the fort of Sant'Antonio .

There has been no Christmas, in recent years, without this beautiful exhibition of nativity scenes whose locations are often nothing more than the representation of the typical Apulian villages "disguised" as nativity scenes (there is also old Bari).

Very beautiful and fascinating works that show all the passion and mastery of many local professionals, helping to keep the flame of this tradition and offering, to families and children walking through the streets of old Bari , a moment of healthy united creativity to a breath of peace. In fact, the idea of ​​following a short route full of nativity scenes , with a background of celestial and typical Christmas music, was suggestive.

“SpaccaBari” exhibition is normally inaugurated in December and accompanies Barians and tourists during the Christmas holidays.
Obviously not to be missed. In the meantime, waiting for your arrival, here are some images of this beautiful exhibition of nativity scenes .

Handcrafted nativity scenes December Bari
Traditional Apulian nativity scenes SpaccaBari
SpaccaBari handcrafted Apulian nativity scenes
SpaccaBari nativity scenes from Puglia

Where is the Fort of Sant'Antonio located?

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