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In the oldest carnival in Europe, the Putignano Carnival

Colors, joy and magic! the oldest carnival in Europe is located in Puglia, in Putignano

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Carnival of Putignano Puglia history

Putignano is a town in the province of Bari which, thanks to some of its peculiarities, is undoubtedly among the most interesting places to visit in the surroundings of the Apulian capital.

Not only that, what makes this interesting location near Bari is its carnival , the oldest and best known in Europe (the tradition dates back to the Middle Ages) and which, even today, continues to attract people to the city thousands of people coming not only from all over Puglia , but also from the rest of Italy.

The Putignano Carnival, in addition to being among the oldest and most appreciated in Europe (its birth dates back to 1934) , is also the longest carnival in the world since it officially begins in December and ends with the beginning of Lent; and it is precisely in this last period, in fact, that the carnival comes into its own with the parade of allegorical floats made with the typical and unmistakable Putignanese style, accompanied by numerous groups of masked and dancing young people.

Carnival history floats of PutignanoEvery February of the year , a parade of colorful and cheerful floats, so imposing that they can reach 10-15 meters in height, made by real master papier-mâché makers who every year entertain young people and families with their works of art papier-mâché. It goes without saying that the Putignano Carnival is an event not to be missed if you want to experience first-hand the creativity of this town and the traditions of the oldest carnival in Europe , so unique and attractive that there is even a summer version so you don't miss it. joy and humor even in summer.

In addition to the allegorical floats , Putignano enriches the experience of its carnival with various musical and cultural events, which complete the calendar of this prestigious annual event.
However, to consult the dates and methods of purchasing tickets to participate in all the events, it is advisable to go to the official website of the Putignano carnival , i.e. on the following link

If you are interested in looking at some photos of the Putignano carnival , the preparations and the events, go to the official FB page:

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