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Altamura and its famous bread

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Altamura, the town immersed in the Alta Murgia National Park, famous for its DOP bread


What to see in Altamura near Bari

Altamura is a characteristic town in the hinterland of the province of Bari which, thanks to its geographical position (it is located in the heart of the Alta Murgia National Park , almost on the border with Basilicata) has an important cultivation of cereals such as to allow processing of quality flours and in industrial quantities, the same ones that have allowed us to produce the precious and sought-after bread of Altamura , a typical local product recognized as DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) .


The main symbol of Altamura is undoubtedly the Romanesque Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta , located in the heart of the historic center of the town and which, over the centuries, has undergone a series of architectural interventions that have made it what it is now . However, the Duomo is not the only church in the city, in fact there are several churches that you might come across during your walks, even these very suggestive such as the churches of San Nicola and Santa Maria della Consolazione .

See Altamura historic centerIt is also important to say a few words about the historic center itself, a real gem of Altamura since the characteristics of its buildings allow it to be identified as a small village that shines with its own light, a sort of city within the city, also a destination for tourists.

Going slightly out of town instead, precisely about 6 km from Altamura , it is possible to visit one of the many characteristic areas of the Murgia; this is the Pulo di Altamura , i.e. a sinkhole (the largest of the four present in Alta Murgia) with the appearance of a large chasm within which it is even possible to observe some caves of natural origin presumably inhabited by Homo Sapiens ; and how can we not also talk about the Altamura man , one of the most unique and rare discoveries ever made in Italy, right inside one of the caves surrounding the Altamura .

This is the fossil skeleton of a man from the Paleolithic period, belonging to homo neanderthals and found in 1993 in the Lamalunga Cave , which testifies to the incredible history of this fantastic territory.

Bread from Altamura Puglia ItalyAnd what about Altamura bread ? The typical local product par excellence (recognized in 2005 as DOP) and highly sought after on Apulian tables. Altamura bread is so good that it has been considered among the most appreciated products ever by Italians, as well as among the 10 most appreciated breads in Italy , characterized by durum wheat semolina and a super crunchy crust that goes perfectly with the meals with other typical Apulian products. A bread that when you taste it you will hardly forget; actually, do you want some advice? Try it with a drizzle of Pugliese extra virgin olive oil and some cherry tomatoes... "and see what you'll eat", they would say in Bari. In short, there's no need to tell you that this area of ​​Puglia will also be destined to give you various satisfactions.

Where is Altamura located?

Km from Bari
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