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If you love traveling by bike, here are some useful tips for getting around Puglia by bike!


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Imagine cycling along winding roads that wind through centuries-old olive groves and fields of golden wheat : our region offers you an adventure on two wheels that will make you discover a land rich in traditions and natural beauty.

Exploring Puglia by bicycle means completely immersing yourself in a breathtaking landscape, where every curve reveals a postcard panorama. From the sandy beaches of the Adriatic coast to the cliffs overlooking the crystalline Ionian sea, every ride will lead you to discover hidden treasures and authentic corners of paradise.

Cycle tourism in Puglia becomes an exciting experience, which allows you to fully experience the beauty and energy of this unique region.


1) Choice of the best period

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This decision depends on personal preferences and desired climate conditions. However, in general, spring (April-May) and autumn (September-October) are considered the ideal periods. During these months, temperatures are moderate, with highs usually hovering around 20-25°C, creating pleasant conditions for cycling without the excessive heat of summer. Furthermore, in spring and autumn the tourist crowds are less than in the summer season, to enjoy the routes in greater tranquility. Finally, for cyclists who are more attentive to performance it will be important to take the wind and its direction into consideration: in spring and autumn the conditions are favorable for cycling .

During these periods, in fact, there are moderate and constant winds. Along the Adriatic coast, the north wind can blow regularly from the north, providing a pleasant side breeze. Along the Ionian coast, the sirocco may be present, but with less intensity than in summer. These moderate winds can offer a favorable push in pedaling and a pleasant climate to enjoy the bicycle trip .

2) The itinerary

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It is essential to determine the duration and distance of the route based on your experience and ability . Therefore, consider your physical stamina, familiarity with challenging or hilly routes and the time you wish to dedicate to visits and stops along the route. Adapt the route according to your preferences, planning stages that allow you to fully enjoy the attractions and manage your level of fatigue appropriately.

To plan your cycling route, you can use online resources such as Wikiloc , Strava and other similar platforms. These tools offer maps, reviews, and GPS tracks shared by other cyclists, so you can discover new routes and rate their difficulty. Additionally, you can consult cycling blogs and forums to get advice and recommendations from experienced cyclists. Using these resources, you can plan your own personalized , adapting it to your preferences and abilities.

3) The Apulian cycle paths

Apulian Aqueduct cycle path

As the name suggests, this route follows the aqueduct and crosses the Apulian countryside, connecting various towns along the way. It is an ideal choice for a scenic ride surrounded by nature.


Adriatic cycle route

This cycle route follows the coast from Peschici in the north to Santa Maria di Leuca in the south. It offers beautiful views of the sea, beaches and coastal towns along the way.


Appia cycle path

It follows one of the most important Roman roads crossing Puglia and passing through cities such as Brindisi, Taranto and Canosa di Puglia, offering a cycling experience immersed in history and culture.


Gargano cycle path

This cycle path winds through the National Park of the same name, an area of ​​outstanding natural beauty. It offers the chance to explore woods, cliffs, beaches and picturesque villages along the way.


Sele Aqueduct cycle path

It starts from Oliveto Citra in Campania and reaches Taranto in Puglia, crossing countryside, rivers and historic bridges along the way.

4) What to bring

Before starting your cycling adventure in Puglia, make sure you have everything you will need along the route:


Technical clothing for cycling

Breathable jerseys, shorts or trousers suitable for cycling, technical socks and gloves to protect your hands while pedaling.


Water bottle or hydration system

Maintaining adequate fluid balance while cycling is crucial to ensuring health, stamina and safety during activity.


Sun protection

Don't forget to bring along sunscreen, sunglasses and hat to protect you from the sun's rays during your trip.


Map or navigation device

Bring a detailed map or use a GPS navigation device to navigate the bike paths.


Basic first aid kit

Carry a small first aid kit containing plasters, disinfectant, bandages and other essential items for minor wounds or injuries.


Remember to adapt the list according to your personal needs and the duration of your trip. but above all try to keep the bag light and compact to fully enjoy your two-wheeled holiday in Puglia.

5) The advantages of renting a bike in Puglia

Bike rental guided tour Bari Velo ServiceWhen planning a cycling holiday in Puglia , an important decision to make is whether to bring your own bike or rent one on site.

Renting a bicycle directly on site can offer various practical advantages and conveniences that undoubtedly make the travel experience even more pleasant.

Below are the reasons:



Eliminate the stress of transportation

By renting a bike on site, you avoid the hassle and additional costs of transporting your personal bike. You won't have to worry about packing it, taking it to the airport or on the train, or paying extra costs for transportation.


Discover new models and types of bicycles

Bike rental services in Puglia offer a wide range of models suited to the region's specific terrains and conditions. You will be able to choose between different options, such as road bicycles, mountain bikes or electric bicycles, based on your preferences and the type of route you intend to tackle.


Technical assistance included

Local bike rental services usually provide technical assistance, ensuring that the bike is in excellent working condition. In case of problems or need for adjustments, you can count on the assistance of specialized personnel.


Flexibility and convenience

Renting a bike locally gives you flexibility and convenience in planning your trip. If you wish to continue your stay in Puglia by dedicating yourself to something else, for example enjoying a few days of total relaxation, you will not have to worry about keeping it safe or carrying it with you but you will be free to move as you prefer.

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Rent your bike with Velo Service !
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