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Bath, caves and aperitif: your boat trip in Polignano a Mare

Tour by La Marina Boat-by silcla

A suggestive boat excursion among the splendid caves of Polignano a Mare

Polignano a Mare boat tour excursionsWhen we talk about Puglia it becomes inevitable to think of Polignano a Mare (an amazing corner of this region) , the white houses built on the rock combined with the beauty of the sea and the charm of the caves .

What if instead of just thinking we tried to materialize this idea?
Luckily, a very nice couple will make your wishes come true. This is La Marina Boat-by silcla  which will allow you, through a boat tour, to admire the imposing rocky coast of Polignano a Mare with the possibility of even entering the sea caves; by boat or swimming? To you the choice! As long as you can live this fantastic experience with adventure and magic.

During the boat excursion there are some stops to allow you to take a dip in the emerald green sea of ​​Polignano , or alternatively simply to relax and enjoy the tan; and while the waves lull your thoughts you can enjoy a tasty Apulian aperitif directly on board "your" boat.

Polignano Puglia boat excursion trip
Yes, because during your experience in the sea of ​​Polignano you will even have the opportunity to accompany your enthusiasm with music chosen by you, or to dive into the water as many times as you want and have souvenir photos and videos taken, in short, everything you need to feel protagonists of that day.
The boat tour in Polignano a Mare lasts approximately 2 hours with scheduled departure from the beautiful location of Cala Ponte Marina where you can take advantage of large changing rooms and very comfortable showers made available by the structure, all already included in the price .

Polignano Puglia boat tourSpeaking of price, La Marina Boat-by Silcla offers this service in two different modes: couple boat tour or group boat tour ( max 8 people) with affordable prices for both young people and families and with the advantage of being able boat ride after you .

An added value, the latter, which will not go unnoticed by all those who wish to enjoy the sea of ​​Polignano without being in a hurry to return; obviously for more information and details on costs we recommend contacting La Marina Boat-by silcla via the FB page.

So with this interesting private boat tour , in a characteristic corner of the heart of Puglia , you will undoubtedly add value to your experience.
Are you convinced? Then all you have to do is book your seats, the boat is waiting for you!

Starting point of the boat tour

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Discover the hidden treasures of Polignano a Mare with a suggestive boat excursion and a tasty aperitif!

Treat yourself to an emotion in the sea of ​​Puglia

Opportunities to fully enjoy your experience in Puglia! And if you have an unexpected event, cancellation is FREE .

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