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3 good reasons to visit Locorotondo at Christmas

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Experience the magic of Christmas?
Here are 3 good reasons to go to Locorotondo, near Bari.


Christmas in Puglia LocorotondoOften in the common imagination it is thought that to experience the magical Christmas atmosphere it is necessary to move far from one's own cities and head elsewhere.
For many it could be like this, but when you are in Puglia Christmas becomes something extraordinarily magical and too beautiful to be desired anywhere else .

The many villages that surround the Apulian capital, in fact, manage to surprise the thousands of people who decide to visit these places during the Christmas period , partly because their structure and architecture already make them very characteristic in themselves, a partly because the administrations decide to enhance them through lights, decorations, events and so on and so forth.

It almost seems like we are witnessing a real competition between the various villages of Puglia since one always turns out to be more beautiful than the other, and all to the advantage of the people of Puglia and of those who, like you, are deciding which place to visit during a dessert trip to Puglia .

The Valle d'Itria (an area of ​​Puglia between the provinces of Bari, Brindisi, Taranto and even Salento) is an area that is already normally in great demand due to the beautiful villages that are part of it and Locorotondo is precisely one of these.
The reasons to visit this place? Here they are:

Locorotondo is among the most beautiful villages in Italy

Visiting Locorotondo at Christmas

This label alone is an excellent business card for visiting the splendid village of the Itria Valley .
Characteristic for its "Cummerse" (houses with sloping roofs) and the surrounding area, Locorotondo is absolutely worth a visit regardless of the time of year.
It is not very far from Bari and is very close to another splendid village, that of the Trulli of Alberobello .

Lorocotondo becomes magical at Christmas

Locorotondo Christmas period Puglia

Locorotondo at Christmas?
Simply to be explored, experienced and enjoyed with the many venues present and themedly decorated for the Christmas holidays. At Christmas, Locorotondo transforms into a real fairy-tale style village, with lights and decorations of all kinds in almost all the alleys of this splendid historic centre. To be enchanted.

Locorotondo and Apulian dishes

The historic center of this place in the Itria valley is dotted with clubs, restaurants and trattorias, all beautiful and very evocative.
Imagine stopping here for a break and savoring the typical Apulian taste among small and welcoming rooms in ancient stone and many Christmas decorations.
An experience that you can't wait to tell and that you will carry with you for the rest of your trip .

Some photos of Locorotondo at Christmas

See Locorotondo at Christmas
Visit Locorotondo Christmas Puglia
Luminaire Locorotondo at Christmas
Christmas illuminations in Puglia
Locorotondo illuminations in Puglia
Christmas illuminations in Puglia

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