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Valle d'Itria Tourist Card, the pass to immerse yourself in heritage

05 July 2023 From trulli to hidden treasures: with the “Valle d'Itria Tourist Card” you explore a world of culture and beauty Discover the Itria Valley like never before with the “Valle d'Itria Tourist Card – Art Experience” !From 5 July, tourists who visit the valley of the trulli will have an innovative pass available to […] Find out more

3 good reasons to visit Locorotondo at Christmas

Experience the magic of Christmas? Here are 3 good reasons to go to Locorotondo, near Bari. Often in the common imagination it is thought that to experience the magical Christmas atmosphere it is necessary to move far from one's own cities and head elsewhere. For many it could be like this, but when you are in Puglia Christmas becomes something extraordinarily [...] Find out more

Itria Valley

Discovering the Itria Valley! Among Trulli, olive trees and fascinating villages not to be missed. Without beating around the bush, let's start by saying that the Itria Valley is one of those central areas of Puglia that absolutely cannot be missed if you want to savor its essence. If the Apulian coast fascinates you, this other territory appeals to you […] Find out more

A day between San Vito and Ostuni: a video vi

23 August 2021 Lunch in San Vito (Polignano a Mare) and afternoon in Ostuni: an experience of flavors and white houses One of the reasons why I consider myself lucky to live in Bari is also this, that is, having the possibility of being able to reach a short time of the amazing locations sought after by tourists in […] Find out more

The charm of Locorotondo

Locorotondo, the ancient Apulian white village immersed in the splendid Itria Valley You should know that in the surroundings of Bari there is a village (among the many beautiful villages in the province of Bari) that is as fascinating as it is suggestive. It is called Locorotondo, a town with a circular shape (hence the origins of its name round place) whose position dominates the entire Valley […] Find out more

The pretty village of Cisternino

In the heart of the Itria Valley, a labyrinth of white alleys: welcome to the village of Cisternino. In the beautiful Itria Valley, the authentic and pulsating heart of Puglia, another ancient village emerges which, together with those of Alberobello, Locorotondo, Martina Franca and Ostuni (they are all very close to each other) certainly deserves a pleasant visit. In fact, between […] Find out more

Areas & Climate

Discover the heart of Puglia, with the Lands of Bari, its borders and the typical climate of the South. Puglia, from top to bottom, is a simply fantastic territory. Everywhere you go you breathe in the air of history, sea, nature and exquisite typical Apulian dishes! The one in Puglia is not a simple trip but a [...] Find out more