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This blog does not receive any financial support, but it is a showcase offered for free for the sake of a city.

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The web is a powerful tool for disseminating information and this project is aimed at enhancing Bari, its surroundings and Puglia. Do you want to contribute to this mission?

Thousands of visitors from all over the world are visiting this blog to discover Bari and its surroundings AND YOU with a free donation could help me to bear the costs to keep the idea online, but above all to keep that motivation alive which pushes me to exploit my expertise in digital to spread, as much as possible, all the beauty of our territory .

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🚩 Greater visibility for our territory
🚩 ​​ Growth of interest for Bari
🚩 ​​ Benefits for the local tourism chain (Hotel, B & Bs, tourist guides, traders, etc ...)
🚩 ​​ A small recognition for those who have made a free commitment to Bari

No large sums are needed, any contribution would be a small great symbolic value, much appreciated, to show your satisfaction and support the growth of .

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