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Sea, sun, relaxation and sunsets: all this from the Bari “Pane e Pomodoro” beach


Pane e Pomodoro is the beach in the city of Bari , close to the seafront and a stone's throw from the centre.

It is a public beach open to anyone who wants to sunbathe or simply indulge in total relaxation.

On Pane e Pomodoro beach there is everything a person needs for entertainment; there are sea, sand, rocks, gardens, wooden platforms, areas with pebbles and gravel.

Furthermore there are also services, in fact there is no shortage of bar, bathrooms, showers, lifeguards and assistance staff for bathers. The most interesting thing, however, is that all this is a stone's throw from the city center of Bari .

Pane e Pomodoro is in fact located at the end of its seafront , following it towards the south, and enjoys a beautiful panorama in which it is possible to admire, in the distance, the historic center of Bari, the Margherita theatre , the Basilica of San Nicola , the bell tower of the cathedral of San Sabino and finally also the Port of Bari cruise ships .

But it is when the sun goes down that it is possible to enjoy the show Pane e Pomodoro the sunsets seen from the beach are among the precious pearls of one's experience in Bari , with the shades of the sky framing the seafront and the old city .
An unmissable show.


Where is the beach located?

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