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5 places to eat real Bari pizza

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Do you want to taste the real Bari pizza?

Here are 5 places to eat excellent pizza in Bari

Dove mangiare pizza barese Bari Let's start with a simple premise: in Bari there are so many places where you can enjoy an excellent pizza .

In the city, pizza is a must, not only on weekends but also during the rest of the week with pizzerias that continuously churn out pizzas to be delivered directly in the homes of Bari .

In short, the pizza from Bari is now part of the local gastronomic culture and is truly irresistible, for this reason it is also difficult to identify the best places to eat pizza in Bari .

However, considering that the undersigned is a great lover of pizzas, surely this small important detail can give further credibility and added value to the five suggestions on where to eat an excellent pizza in Bari , bearing in mind that this is still a lineup dictated by mere personal tastes.

Well, after this introduction here are 5 places where you can savor the taste of the typical Bari pizza , thin and often graceful by the topping of some typical Apulian products.

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