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Red Bull e lo show dei tuffi a Polignano a Mare

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Dives and acrobatics in the suggestive Polignano a Mare with the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series

Autore foto: Romina Amato Photography

Tuffi Red Bull Polignano a Mare

The Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series of Polignano a Mare seems to have become, by now, a fixed stop in this spectacular performance.

In recent years, in fact, the characteristic Polignano a Mare has often and gladly returned to the historic European locations that host the fantastic sporting event.
Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series is a competition of international importance (born in 2009) where divers , both men and women, dive from platforms installed at over 20 meters high (21 and 27 meters to be more precise); it is, therefore, a real race with lots of winners and a dozen locations ready to host athletes, including these also the suggestive cliff of Polignano a Mare .

The calendar of the event changes every year and for this reason, in order to be sure not to miss the event, it is advisable to consult directly the competition site; (normally the competitions are held in a period between June and September ).
Every time thousands of tourists and families decide to attend the fantastic acrobatics of the athletes directly from the splendid cliffs of Polignano , as well as hundreds of people watching the race directly from the sea, perhaps comfortably relaxed on a beautiful boat.

So, whether you are a lover of breathtaking dives , this famous and interesting event can certainly capture the attention if it takes place on the days when you visit Polignano a Mare . Below a video of some performances of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series in the wonderful Apulian corner.

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