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Places to visit at Christmas: 4 Apulian villages that will amaze you


4 suggestive villages to visit in Puglia at Christmas. They are located between Bari and the province and are beautiful!


Posti da visitare a Natale Puglia There is nothing to do, the Christmas period is one of those moments that we all want to live to the fullest and we wish to enjoy the climate, the scents and the affections.

Christmas is that magical atmosphere that we have been carrying with us since we were children and that, if we think about it, we never abandon even when we become adults. We realize this from the particular desire to get everyone together, from the desire to bring out the Christmas tree and decorate our homes with a theme, but above all from the desire to live unique experiences and suggestive able to make us fully enjoy one of the most beautiful times of the year.

For this reason, if you are looking for some places that can make you experience the Christmas atmosphere as described above, then you can only take into consideration the suggestions offered by this page. Puglia , in fact, is undoubtedly one of the places most incredible and evocative to be able to add even more value and enthusiasm to your Christmas , and this thanks to the fantastic villages located in Bari and its province that will give emotions to young people, families and children.

The Apulian villages in the surroundings of Bari have always been the flagship of this wonderful territory, but for some years now they have become even more evocative and sought after even during the Christmas period thanks to the splendid lights that every year color these places (not surprisingly not even the cold can stop the long walks of the people) .
Do you want to find out what they are? So here are 4 places not to be missed if you decide to spend Christmas in Puglia !

Among the lights of the Trulli of Alberobello

The trulli of Alberobello have always been a fixed destination for those who come to Puglia , but at Christmas this splendid place becomes something magical thanks to the lights that light up the eyes and warm the mind. A beautiful village that transforms the climate and gives smiles, especially to the little ones who will feel like they are living in a pseudo Santa Claus village ... and if you happen to be on a snowy day ... the show served.

Locorotondo and the decorated alleys

Natale in Puglia Locorotondo

Another village that absolutely deserves your attention, not too far from Alberobello , is the wonderful Locorotondo . Small, white and circular, it is among the most beautiful villages in Italy , imagine what this place becomes during the days of Christmas (the photo on the left makes the idea) ; with all the festively decorated alleys it becomes impossible not to visit Locorotondo , the village with pointed roofs!

In the blue ... and in the stars of Polignano

Polignano a Mare Natale Puglia

Probably one of the places that you will not fail to visit if you stay in Bari , it is the splendid Polignano a Mare , reachable in a few kilometers. Beautiful in summer, fascinating in winter, magical at Christmas ; the lights of this town deserve your eyes and all the typical enthusiasm of the Apulian Christmas . This too becomes a fixed stage of your desires.

The liveliness of old Bari

Natale a Bari vecchia Puglia

A few words to say also for the wonderful old Bari . If the surrounding villages offer emotions, how can we not also include the ancient village of the Apulian capital ? Illuminations, Christmas markets, decorated rooms, the smell of pettole and sgagliozze in the alleys, lots of joy and enthusiasm in one of the oldest and lively villages of our wonderful Puglia . In short, Bari vecchia is also waiting for you!

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