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Feast of St Nicholas


The Saint who unites millions of faithful all over the world: St Nicholas, the Patron Saint of Bari

Saint Nicholas , to whom the people of Bari are very attached, is the patron saint of the city of Bari.
Protector of children, of the city of Amsterdam and also a saint who has inspired by the origin of the myth Santa Claus ; the feast of San Nicola , celebrated twice a year, is one of the most awaited moments not only for those who live in Bari but also for the many pilgrims devoted to the saint and coming especially from Eastern European countries.

We were saying that the feast of St. Nicholas is celebrated in two different times of the year and, above all, in two different ways. religious where many people from Bari, Puglia and pilgrims coming mainly from Russia, meet in the Basilica of San Nicola (open for the occasion already from dawn) and during the procession, scheduled in the old town , for the celebration of the Saint.

But the real feast of St. Nicholas is the one that goes from 7 to 9 May in memory of the arrival in Bari of the relics of the Saint transported from Myra by 62 brave sailors (it was the year 1087).

The translation of the relics of the Saint is remembered and celebrated every year in an important way by dedicating precisely the three days of May which coincide with historical parade , the procession to the sea and the festival of the people of Bari.

Therefore, the civil celebration is added to the religious rite, which implies the closure to traffic of a large area of ​​the urban center of Bari to allow the passage of one of the longest and most important historical processions of Italy and to host the many, many people from Bari, pilgrims and tourists who literally crowd the streets of the center and the seafront during the three days of celebration (morning and evening ) to attend the celebrations, the fireworks and the exhibition of the tricolor arrows.

You got it right, Bari is one of the few Italian cities that has the honor of hosting the tricolor arrows in its sky, as well as the National Aerobatic Team of the Italian Air Force in honor of San Nicola and the city of Bari.

This is undoubtedly one of the most exciting moments of the party because it allows the thousands of people who took to the street to look up and be amazed during the exhibition of these aircraft that provides, in the initial and closing part of the show, the release of colored fumes to create the tricolor of the Italian flag in the sky of Bari. A unique spectacle!

Unfortunately, the exhibition of the tricolor arrows takes place once every two years, so if you are curious to admire the traditions of Bari and reconcile them with the show of the Air Force, the advice is to check the program of the feast of San Nicola (you can easily find it on the internet).

In short, if you decide to come to Bari in the period of May you absolutely cannot miss the feast of San Nicola, a unique opportunity to experience Bari and its traditions with different eyes, to admire the beautiful fireworks and , if you are lucky, even the tricolor arrows.

After this experience Bari will certainly remain even more impressed, GUARANTEED.

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