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Bari and football: history, museum and the San Nicola stadium

The timeless passion of the people of Bari for football, Bari and the San Nicola stadium

Bari has a great and uncontrollable passion for football and for his favorite team, followed en masse inside and outside the home. A warm audience that reflects all the sympathy and truthfulness of the people of Bari, with a “Forza Bari” that cannot be missed at the end of a chat, and a stadium considered among the most beautiful in Europe.

Bari calcio stadio San Nicola

If football is your favorite sport, and you are passing through these parts, then you can only get involved in the passion that distinguishes the people of Bari for their favorite team.

SSC Bari is the city's team, heir to the old AS Bari, as well as to the entire long history of this team that dates back to 1908 when it was called Bari Football Club. A story that has enthralled entire generations and that still continues to attract the attention of the majority of football lovers in this city, as well as in the entire province of Bari and even beyond the borders of Puglia. Yes, because you can fall in love with Bari even if you come from afar.

Bari (or Bari as many call it) is a team that normally plays in the professional league with an important presence in the serie A championships and series B. Several talents have worn the Bari shirt or have been launched by the Bari team itself: Cassano, Zambrotta, Bonucci, Protti, Ventola, Platt, Boban, Joao Paulo, Di Gennaro, to name a few .

If you are interested, visit the Bari team website

San Nicola di Bari and the Bari supporters

Stadio San Nicola Bari CalcioThe San Nicola Stadium, built for the 1990 World Cup in Italy, is a huge sports facility with a seating capacity of 58,270. Renamed after Renzo Piano's "spaceship", thanks to the great scenic impact during the evening matches, the San Nicola stadium became the home of Bari fans after Italia90 who adore their stadium (it is no coincidence that it is counted among the largest stadiums in Italy and among the most beautiful in Europe).

A passion that of the Bari fans which gives every game a crazy glance, thanks to a warm and lively supporters able to constantly support their team with scarves, choirs, banners and choreography from “Champions league”, not to mention the average seasonal attendance which is often the envy of even the most famous teams in the Italian championship. Speaking of the Champions League, this stadium also hosted the 1991 European Cup final between Stella Rossa-Olympique Marseille. In short, if you've never been to San Nicola di Bari, go buy your ticket for the next race now!

The Bari Museum

Il museo del Bari calcioIf you are passionate about this article about Bari, then you might also be interested in discovering the team's football shirt museum.

The Bari Museum, in fact, was born out of the passion and friendship of 3 friends who share a strong interest in their favorite team. The goal of the Museum is to make the shirts and memorabilia that have made the history of this football team accessible to the city, the fans and all sports enthusiasts, with clubs scattered from north to south of the Italy and also abroad.
For more information on the Bari Museum it is advisable to visit the facebook page:

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