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Story of a respectable family: discover 7 Apulian locations from Canale 5 fiction


Here is where some scenes of “Story of a respectable family”, the fiction of Canale 5, were shot


After "Life in front of him" broadcast on Netflix and shot with the splendid Sophia Loren , "The investigations of Lolita Lobosco" and recently “Until the last beat” , all films and fiction films shot in Bari and its surroundings , here is “Story of a family respectable ” , a television series inspired by the novel by the Bari-based writer Rosa Ventrella and which starting from Wednesday 3 November 2021 will be broadcast in prime time on Canale5 .

La fiction ha ottenuto un grande successo (oltre 3 milioni di telespettatori solo nella prima puntata) per questo motivo, considerando le bellissime location utilizzate per le riprese della serie televisiva targata mediaset, ecco un articolo dove approfondiamo i luoghi visti in Tv, nella fattispecie 7 luoghi dei tanti emersi durante il film.

Having said that, we try to satisfy your curiosity and offer you useful information to find out where the scenes of “Story of a decent family” were shot.

Having said that, we try to satisfy your curiosity and offer you useful information to find out where the scenes of “Story of a decent family” were shot.

1) The ancient port of Monopoli

That of the ancient port of Monopoli, province of Bari, is one of the locations that is repeated several times during the fiction, this is because inside the port there is the boat of the protagonists of the TV series, as well as of the humble family of fishermen from Bari ; we are talking about the boat of Antonio , Maria's father and head of the De Santis family .

Storie di una famiglia perbene Porto Monopoli

2) The old Bari wall

During the fiction there are several shots of the splendid wall of Bari vecchia (scenes shot mainly from above) , but also images of the same wall shot at night. In some moments the wall also becomes a location for conversations between the protagonists, such as the one between the boss Nicola Straziota and Maria , in an attempt not to let the girl and escape. Michele Straziota towards Milan.

ìStore famiglia perbene Bari vecchia

3) The caves on the sea

In fiction, there is a wonderful coast that often becomes the meeting point of the two children of their respective families, protagonists of the television series. This stretch of coast , characterized by small caves and a crystalline sea , is called Cala Tre Buchi and is in Monopoli , near another cove called Cala Copacabana ; starting from the latter mentioned, you could reach the adjacent cove, as well as that of the fiction , across the rocks or with a swim (therefore with not a few difficulties) .

Grotte Monopoli fiction canale 5

4) The monumental entrance to the Fiera del Levante

Some scenes were shot in this area, including a key moment in the fiction , namely the death of De Santis's son; the latter, in fact, loses his life in a road accident in an attempt to escape from the police checkpoint (located shortly after the monumental entrance to the Fiera del Levante , on the seafront of Bari ) . In the roundabout opposite, however, the scene is shot in which Michele Straziota waits in vain for Maria to be able to escape together with the collaboration of a truck driver.

5) The wall of the historic center of Monopoli

The ancient wall of the village of Monopoli is also one of the locations most filmed during fiction . She can be seen during the long walks of the very young Maria and in various moments of this television series of channel 5 .

6) The cannons and the ancient defensive walls

The evocative cannons of the ancient defensive walls of Monopoli . At this point, near the Carlo V castle , the very young Maria stops several times to look at the sea and to reflect on what is happening in her life.

Cannoni Monopoli scene fiction

7) The Cathedral of San Sabino

In some initial scenes of the fiction, the Straziota brothers are seen threatening one of the children of the De Santis family with an alleged stolen leather jacket; at the end of the avenue (we are in Bari Vecchia) you can see the side of the splendid Romanesque cathedral of San Sabino , whose bell tower is often framed also during the shooting from the top of the ancient village of Bari .

Location fiction Bari vecchia

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