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The tasty Sgagliozze

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The taste of tradition: the Sgagliozze from Bari in the alleys of the old city


That of sgagliozze is an ancient street tradition born in the alleys of the ancient village .

It is polenta cut into square slices and fried in olive oil, normally served (after a sprinkling of fine salt) as an appetizer or sold on the street, especially in the streets of the old town.

The ladies of the oldest district of Bari in fact still today prepare and fry the sgagliozze outside their homes in front of Bari and tourists using massive pots handed down from mother to daughter .

Needless to tell you how the smell of sgagliozze immediately attracts the attention of those strolling through the alleys of the historic center; it makes no difference whether it is summer or winter, the housewives are always there to prepare them for you.
These too, like the focaccia , are among the typical products of Bari street food .

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A walk of about 3 hours to savor focaccia , panzerotti , sgagliozze and other products of Bari street food !

Discover Bari's pasta and street food!

Opportunities to fully experience the city! And if you have an unexpected event, the cancellation is FREE .

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