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Summer 2021, Puglia as desired as Sardinia: bookings on the rise

13 May 2021 We start longing for holidays again, we start longing for Puglia again! Various local newspapers have highlighted the state of the art, Puglia seems to be one of the most desired regions for the 2021 summer holidays again this year, even on a par with Sardinia, with some accommodation facilities already recording [...] Discover moreover

Ryanair and Puglia: incredible offers for those who book by

23 March 2021 Ryanair's offers in view of summer 2021: in Bari there is an air of low-cost travel. It's true, one swallow does not make a summer, but these first warm temperatures are probably causing not only the engines of cars but also those of airlines that in the meantime are thinking about the future with […] Find out more

The characteristic Trulli of Alberobello

The unmissable stop in Puglia: Alberobello and its world-famous Trulli Alberobello is that characteristic and romantic place you have to visit at least once in your life. The trulli of Alberobello, unique in the world and recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site by virtue of a one-of-a-kind architectural structure, are […] Find out more

The white city: Ostuni

The window overlooking the sea and the Itria Valley: the enchanting white city of Ostuni is that place that you cannot help but notice while traveling along the SS16 towards Brindisi. Called "the white city" by virtue of its row of white buildings visible even in the distance, Ostuni is a place with an ancient village style [...] Find out more

The elegance of Trani

Sea, monuments and clubs: the charm of the city of Trani Driving along the Bari ring road, towards Foggia (therefore towards the North), you will find several towns, including Trani. Trani is another seaside city characterized by a lovely seafront, full of commercial activities, and above all by two characteristic monuments: the Romanesque cathedral and […] Find out more

The historic lighthouse of Bari

Among the tallest and most famous lighthouses in Italy is that of Bari: the San Cataldo Lighthouse dominates the coast. The San Cataldo Lighthouse is undoubtedly among the most historic and long-lived structures in the city of Bari. Built in 1869, the lighthouse is still in full operation today, and with its approximately […] Find out more

The charm of the Bari seafront

Absolutely worth seeing: Bari's seafront, among the longest and most beautiful in Italy and Europe. The Bari seafront, in addition to being one of the most characteristic places in the city, is also considered among the most beautiful in Italy and among the longest in Europe. The seafront originates around the first half […] Find out more

Discovering Bari sotterranea

The thousand-year history of Bari in the underground of the old city: discover an even older Bari! Under the old city of Bari (also called old Bari) lies another city, did you know? this is the Bari of about a thousand years ago with archaeological areas dating back to a time period that goes from the Roman age to the Middle Ages [...] Find out more

Within the walls of the Swabian Castle

Among the most famous castles in Italy: a visit to the Swabian castle, on the outskirts of Bari Vecchia Bari has its castle, and this too is among the historical symbols of the city. Built in the 13th century, the Swabian castle is one of the most important and characteristic buildings in Bari, as well as being a monument in […] Find out more

Puglia is to be discovered

What to see in Puglia? Many beautiful places are right around Bari. Let's discover them together Puglia is a wonderful area, rich in history, culture and unique natural attractions. From North to South the Apulian territory offers emotions to all those who decide to take a holiday, whether short or however long it may be, in Puglia. Needless to say […] Find out more