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10 things to see

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What to see in Bari? Here are ten things to see absolutely when you are in the capital of Puglia

It is true, sometimes time is not enough, but there are places that you should definitely not miss when you decide to see Bari and visit its attractions, monuments and most characteristic places .

Bari has many places to visit , some are in the sunlight, others are all to be discovered, but certainly many of these cannot go unnoticed from the moment you are here or in the surroundings of Bari .

Here then 10 things to see, ten useful tips for those who want to have a quick overview of some of the most beautiful and unique places to see in Bari, and in many cases also visit, in this beautiful seaside town, capital of the splendid and popular Puglia .

And if you are curious to find out what there is to see also around Bari then you can only visit this page too .

Near Bari in fact you can see also the enchanting Polignano a Mare , , or the Monopoli and the suggestive Alberobello , not to mention the very famous Castellana Caves and all the other locations in the province of Bari such as Trani and Giovinazzo .
In short, when you decide to see Bari you will inevitably also move to its precious surroundings .
But as promised let's focus on ten things to see in Bari during your unforgettable experience in Puglia .

Basilica San Nicola

Symbols of Bari: the Basilica of San Nicola

Visita un luogo sacro della città di Bari: la Basilica di San Nicola, nel cuore di Bari Vecchia   Probabilmente una delle prime cose da visitare a Bari

Castello svevo Bari

Within the walls of the Swabian Castle

Tra i castelli più noti d'Italia: una visita al castello Svevo, alle porte di Bari Vecchia   Bari ha il suo castello, e anche questo rientra tra i

Teatro petruzzelli Bari

Petruzzelli Theater: a historical theater of Bari

The Petruzzelli Theater, a journey through history and culture, through the streets of the center of Bari The Petruzzelli theater, built and inaugurated in the early twentieth century,

Bari Sotterranea percorso Bari Vecchia

Discovering underground Bari

The millennial history of Bari in the subsoil of the old city: discover an even older Bari! Under the old city of Bari (also called Bari old) lies

The way of orecchiette

Strada Arco Basso: benvenuti nella via delle famose orecchiette baresi, nel cuore di Bari Vecchia. Nel cuore della città vecchia di Bari esiste una via ribattezzata "la via delle

<a href="">Bari Vecchia</a>

The suggestive Bari Vecchia

A walk through the characteristic alleys of Bari Vecchia: breathe the history of the ancient village of Bari Bari Vecchia is a place where time seems to stand still

Lungomare di Bari

The charm of the Bari waterfront

A must see: the Bari seafront, one of the longest and most beautiful in Italy and Europe. The seafront of Bari, in addition to being one of the most

Via Sparano, the shopping street

L'eleganza di una delle strade più caratteristiche del centro di Bari: scopri i salotti di Via Sparano   Benvenuti nel salotto di Bari, la via centrale più famosa

Pane e Pomodoro

The beach in Bari city

Pane e Pomodoro, the beach on the Bari seafront a few steps from the city center. Pane e Pomodoro is the famous beach of Bari, an open beach

Palazzo Fizzarotti

Palazzo Fizzarotti

The Gothic-Venetian style in the center of Bari: Palazzo Fizzarotti Palazzo Fizzarotti is one of the many jewels of the city of Bari; located in Corso Vittorio Emanuele, full

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