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5 Unusual itineraries

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A few days to visit Bari? Here are some suggested itineraries to see the best of Bari!

When you get to Bari the desire to visit fully and to fully enjoy every corner is a lot, however you have to deal with the time you have available and this could be a problem for many.

Luckily Bari è una città i cui most characteristic places and suggestive are very close to each other, so turn in the heart of the Old Town does not exclude the possibility of being able to take a ride along the beautiful seafront Bari or a visit to the archaeological Museum.

So don't panic! here are some suggestions from the Blog to be able see as much as possible in the shortest possible time 😉

Se invece avete la passione per Tours and guided visits, allora il consiglio è di visit this page. Troverete alcune idee fantastiche per see Bari in maniera alternativa, accompagnati da guide molto professionali.

What to see in Bari in 3 hours or in half a day

When you say "hit and run". An ideal itinerary for i cruise passengers or for all those who are passing through Bari and they want to enjoy the day.

What to see in Bari in 1 day

A full day in Bari gives the possibility to have an overview of seafront and some areas of the Old Town. See what you can do in one day.

What to see in Bari in 2 days

With two days available your itinerary can become extremely interesting; you have the opportunity to discover the millenary history of the city.

What to see in Bari in 3 days

With three days you can move a little further to the suburbs and find out places particularly beautiful, historical and unique in their kind.

Surroundings in 5 days

If you have almost a week to see Bari , then you can only visit the wonders of the surroundings .

Look for a cheap hotel in the center

Alternative itineraries to discover Bari

Opportunities to fully experience the city with Civitatis tours! And if you have an unexpected problem, the cancellation is FREE .

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