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Monuments to see in Bari? Here are some characteristic places and places of the city whose stories will thrill you

Bari it's not just one seaside town but also a place full of history, culture and traditions.
But the interesting aspect is that most of the places that have always characterized this city are very close to each other; this means that even with few days available it will be possible to admire the beauty of Bari, capital of the splendid Puglia.

So if you are thinking of coming to Bari and you are curious to know what to do see and visit, here is an overview of places and gods monuments typical of the city suggeriti da questo Blog.

As you may have noticed, there are many places and monuments to see and visit in Bari , yet the Apulian capital is not only this; Bari is full of streets , squares , neighborhoods , shops , clubs and < strong> movida , in a nutshell Bari is not only a place to see but it is above all a place for live .

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A tasty traditional Italian ice cream during a walk through the evocative streets of Bari , the capital of Puglia .

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