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Look at the center of Bari during the Christmas period

17 December 2019

The wonderful Christmas atmosphere walking through the streets of the center of Bari

It is time for gifts and, like every year, the center of Bari is besieged by the many people of Bari intent on looking for gifts for their loved ones to find under the tree.

Obviously, among these people from Bari there is also myself who is always very late with gifts, however in the midst of my research I could not miss some photos for my blog and for your curiosity.

Here you, and only for you, the images of my walk through the streets of the center of Bari.

Palazzo mincuzzi via sparano natale In this image you can admire via Sparano and its symbol building, Palazzo Mincuzzi of which you will find an article about it p roprio here .


Via Sparano luminarie Natale This is a ' another perspective of via Sparano , full of shops, lights and, above all, full of people walking around (at Christmas it is always like this).


Mercatini di Natale Bari vecchia

These are the Christmas markets of Bari . Every year, several wooden houses are placed on the wall of the ancient village with Christmas and other objects.
They are really nice and I warmly invite you to visit them if you are in Bari during the Christmas period.

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