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The Petruzzelli and Piccinni theaters in Bari become "national monuments"

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March 18, 2024

46 Italian theaters become "national monuments", including the two theaters in Bari



Petruzzelli national monument Bari

The Culture Commission of the Chamber has approved an amendment to declare the Petruzzelli Theater and the Niccolò Piccinni Theater in Bari , (together with the La Scala theaters in Milan, Fenice in Venice) , as "national monuments" .

This is a bill aimed at guaranteeing official recognition to these important and historic Italian theatres , enhancing their prestige, history and cultural activities. A significant step to enhance the cultural heritage of Bari and Italy itself. The Petruzzelli Theatre , for example, is one of the largest opera houses in Europe that has played a central role in promoting culture and the performing arts, contributing to the cultural life not only of Bari , but of the entire country.

Not to be outdone is the Teatro Niccolò Piccinni , the oldest theater in Bari whose origins date back to 1854. Not only is it among the most important and capacious theaters in the city immediately after the Petruzzelli , it is even the fourth largest theater in Puglia itself .

The decision to protect and enhance these historic institutions, therefore, is fundamental to preserving collective memory and promoting cultural continuity for future generations.

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