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Summer 2021, Puglia as desired as Sardinia: uphill bookings

13 May 2021

We return to desire the holidays, we return to desire Puglia! 


Posti da vedere Bari monopoli dintorni Several local newspapers have highlighted the state of the art, Puglia seems to be again this year one of the most desired regions for summer holidays 2021 , like even Sardinia , registering in some structures accommodation already sold out especially for the month of August .

A novelty? Certainly not, Puglia for years now appears to be among the most popular destinations for the summer (and not only) , if then to this we add the arrival of the vaccine, the current yellow zone (which we all hope will become white and then disappear forever) and optimism for the future, the result could only become very similar to that of previous years.

But the even more interesting aspect that the undersigned wishes to tell you about is the incredible increase in visitors to which confirms the growing trend; in the last two weeks there has been a peak of visits that led the blog to obtain a 53% increase in the flow of new visitors compared to the same period in April .

An increase in visits and visitors coming mainly from the North of Italy but which also sees the entry of foreign users from all over the world, data that bodes well for Bari , Puglia and, above all, for the growth of this site created by a common citizen of Bari without the financial support of anyone.

That said, if you too are thinking of coming to Puglia and visiting the Apulian capital , there is a page in this blog that could help you.

Ivan G.

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