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An emotional guide to Bari!

Visiting Bari: let yourself be carried away by comfort! Guided tours on two wheels await you.


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There are experiences that need lightheartedness to be lived, the same that distinguishes tours guided by itineraries and personal initiatives.

Thanks to the services offered by Velo Service your experience in Bari could become not only interesting, but also out of the ordinary, stimulating and at times even fun.

Obviously during this experience you will not be alone: ​​highly trained guides will accompany you, with their professionalism and enthusiasm, to discover stories and anecdotes of all the most beautiful places to visit in Bari , making your tour through the streets of the city center not only pleasant but also culturally rich and functional.

So with these guided bike or rickshaw tours you would really have a wide range of possibilities to fully enjoy your experience in this splendid seaside city, as well as the capital of Puglia .

Guided tours Bike rental bike rental Barican last from 1 to 3 hours (depending on the tour chosen) and have costs starting from €15 up to €90.

It should also be noted that it is possible to book guided tours not only to see Bari but also to visit the surroundings of Bari , such as the suggestive Alberobello , the characteristic Matera and the mysterious Castel del Monte .


Well, now that you have discovered these very interesting ones guided tours around Bari, all you have to do is to decide what to do And book your guided tour.

The best-selling tours to see Bari

Opportunities to fully experience the city! And if you have an unexpected event, cancellation is FREE .

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