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Movida in Torre Quetta

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Music and fun facing the sea: a trip to Torre Quetta, the public beach south of Bari


Torre Quetta is the second beach in the city of Bari after that of Pane e Pomodoro , but it is the first you will think when in the evening you want to listen to some music, have a drink and, why not, eat some Bari dishes.

Torre Quetta, unlike Pane e Pomodoro , has no sand but pebbles and gravel, wooden platforms and lots of greenery, plus it offers a range of entertainment possibilities, especially in summer.

The peculiarity of this area lies in the fact that it is full of many small kiosks, each of which offers aperitifs , drinks and music with DJ sets and live performances to make the experience on the Bari coast more enjoyable. For the more sporty, on the other hand, there is the possibility of organizing beach volleyball games thanks to the sand fields created specifically for this.

There is no shortage of seats, in fact you will find benches, chairs, gazebos for picnics and even deck chairs made available by some clubs.

Being a little further away from the city center, Torre Quetta has an internal car park where you can leave your car at a cost ranging from 2 to 3 euros (depending on your arrival time), while the access to the beach is obviously free .

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Where is Torre Quetta located?

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