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Sandy coves: Porto Bianco and Porto Rosso

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In the sign of 2: two beautiful coves a stone's throw from the ancient village of Monopoli


Calette di sabbia vicino Bari Monopoli PugliaIf you are looking for some sandy coves , comfortable but at the same time suggestive, then you absolutely cannot ignore those proposed on this page.

Porto Bianco and Porto Rosso are coves with a splendid sea located in Monopoli , in the province of Bari, a few steps from the wonderful historic center of this town. The two coves are very similar to each other (the one you see with palm trees is Porto Rosso) , only a large cliff separates them and both have a sufficiently spacious area of sand , such as to be able to accommodate dozens and dozens of people and become coves also ideal for families .


Spiagge vicino Bari calette Monopoli Puglia

Not being very far from the port, there will be no shortage of small and large boats to crowd the amazing sea of these beautiful coves which, nevertheless, offer clean, limpid and sometimes heavenly water, especially on days with total absence of wind.

An idea to enjoy both coves? As we said before, Porto Bianco and Porto Rosso are separated only by an expanse of rock, this means that you could think of spending the morning in one cove and the afternoon in the other. , so as to draw conclusions and evaluate the most beautiful cove !

If you want to end the day in style, how not to think about taking a walk in the historic center of Monopoly ? It is there, a short distance from the coves, visible even from the beaches themselves with its unmistakable skyline. Two coves and three attractions! Not bad, right?

Mare spiagge a Monopoli Puglia
Porto Bianco caletta mare Monopoli
Mare spiagge dintorni Bari Monopoli
Calette vicino Bari Monopoli Puglia
Porto Rosso Monopoli Puglia
Porto Rosso mare Monopoli Puglia

Where are the coves located?

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