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What to see in Bari


Are you about to start your experience in Bari and want to know what there is to see?
Here are some ideas that you will like

Bari is a seaside city with a thousand-year history behind it, all to be discovered and experienced, a reason that drives thousands of tourists every year to Bari and the surrounding areas (because also near Bari there is so much to see).
So here are the places and historical monuments that you absolutely must see during your trip , short or long, in the city of Bari .

And for lovers of organization and planning, suggestions are also available on some hypotheses of itinerary to follow in order to better enjoy everything there is to visit in the heart button of this splendid seaside town .

Lungomare di bari

10 things to see

What to see in Bari? Here are ten things to see absolutely when you are in the capital of Puglia It is true, sometimes time is not enough, but there are places that

Castello Svevo bari

Monuments and attractions

Monuments to see in Bari? Here are some characteristic places and places of the city whose stories you will love Bari is not only a seaside city but also a place

Itinerari a Bari

5 Unusual itineraries

Pochi giorni per visitare Bari? Ecco alcuni itinerari suggeriti per vedere il meglio di Bari! Quando si arriva a Bari la voglia di visitarla interamente e di godersi appieno ogni suo

Lungomare di Bari

The charm of the Bari waterfront

A must see: the Bari seafront, one of the longest and most beautiful in Italy and Europe. The seafront of Bari, in addition to being one of the most characteristic places in

Tours and guided visits in Bari

I più bei tour guidati per scoprire tutta la bellezza di Bari e dintorni Il meglio di Bari in poche ore.Da Bari vecchia al lungomare, dai monumenti alle vie principali,

These are just some tips to discover and see the main attractions of the city (on > this link you can see many other attractions), but it is also interesting to know that there are services to buy - not on this site of course - which will allow you to see Bari and its characteristic ancient village even in a different way than how you would visit it normally.
So here are some ideas to see Bari that could make your experience in the city unique at the same time:

The best-selling tours to see Bari

Opportunities to fully experience the city! And if you have an unexpected event, the cancellation is FREE .

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