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The spectacular Grotte di Castellana: a unique and unmissable experience in Puglia


Together with Polignano a Mare ed Alberobello , another place not to be missed in the surroundings of the province of Bari is undoubtedly and unquestionably Castellana Grotte .

Castellana Grotte is a village located on the Murgia dei Trulli plateau, in the province of Bari, and is famous for its magnificent caves .

The Grotte di Castellana are some of the main attractions in that of Puglia and are located about 2 km from the town; their formation dates back to about one hundred million years ago and their important discovery has fascinated not only the inhabitants of the place but above all curious and tourists from all over the world .

These are underground cavities characterized by different caves distributed in a path of about 3 Km where it is possible to admire the wonders created by nature, as well as real sculptures natural rocks shaped over the centuries by rainwater.

All this translates into the shapes and colors of the rocks that inspired the first explorers and that gave birth to the names of the most beautiful caves that you will encounter during your excursion , such as the White Grotto, the Black Grotto, the owl cave, the Grotta della Lupa Capitolina and so on ..

Visiting the Caves of Castellana is a memorable experience to be kept over the years and handed down to your children; a place that reflects some of the best and most perfect expressions of nature cannot go unnoticed in human eyes.

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Where is Castellana Grotte

Km from Bari
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