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The glamorous nightlife in a central street

Between glasses of wine and fusion cuisine: in the university quadrilateral, the nightlife of Via Roberto da Bari Via Roberto da Bari, in the heart of the university district of Bari, has become the symbol of a nightlife that is renewing itself, expanding its boundaries beyond the heart of Bari shopping and the ancient village. Once […] Find out more

The attractions of Puglia with BP Events, including cocktails, music and

SPONSOREDExperience by BP Events – Barproject Academy ATTENTION: READ HERE BEFORE CONTINUING. The tours recommended on this site are not organized by BariExperience, in addition to promoting the area, also offers visibility to activities/experiences organized by third parties and already present on the web. The user is invited to check the quality of the tours and the accuracy […] Find out more

Nightlife in Bari

Pubs, aperitifs and music: some ideas for fun and entertainment in Bari Not only history, architecture and culture, in Bari there is also space for healthy fun, both in the streets of the center and on the outskirts of the Apulian capital. In fact, Bari boasts an incredible amount of places to eat, drink and have fun in […] Find out more

5 things to do in Bari

What to do in Bari? Here are 5 unusual ideas for discovering the most evocative corners of the city. Bari is full of places to see but also things to do. Here are five useful suggestions from the blog that will allow you to fully enjoy your experience in Bari so as not to have regrets! Yes, because this city has so much to offer, […] Find out more

Free time in Bari

How to have fun in Bari? Here are some unusual ideas that you will like Bari is full of historical places and monuments to visit, however there are also several things you can do during your stay in this city. In fact, Bari is not just a place to see, but it is also a place to live, an experience to [...] Find out more

Nightlife in Bari

There's no shortage of nightlife in Bari: find out what to do in the evening in the capital of Puglia and live your Bari experience. Bari is not only rich in history and monuments, there is also space for nightlife. There are various areas of the city where it is possible to eat, drink, enjoy an aperitif or listen to some music […] Find out more

Music on the Bari coast

The southernmost coast of Bari: clubs by the sea and open-air music There is an area of ​​the Bari seafront, going south after the beaches of Pane e Pomodoro and Torre Quetta (towards San Giorgio), which began a few this year to be a destination for many young people from Bari. […] Find out more

A beer in the Porto Vecchio

The old port: a meeting point a stone's throw from the ancient village If you love beer and nightlife then you probably won't rule out the possibility of taking a trip to the old port of Bari, precisely at the San Nicola pier, behind the Margherita theater ( the theater built on the sea). The pier […] Find out more

The aperitif in the centre

Where to enjoy excellent aperitifs without leaving the center of Bari It can happen in the evening that you want to nibble on something without overdoing it, or that you don't have time to sit in a restaurant because there are so many beautiful things to see in Bari and you don't want to waste any more time 😉 Just know that the blog is absolutely […] Find out more

In the premises of Poggiofranco

Entertainment and fun: Poggiofranco among your points of reference. The Poggiofranco district, in addition to being among the most modern districts of the city, is also a place for the Bari nightlife. Rich in clubs, the Poggiofranco neighborhood has always played a role of aggregation and entertainment for the many people from Bari in the area or in the neighboring neighborhoods. Thank you in fact […] Find out more