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A beer in the Porto Vecchio

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The old port: a meeting point a stone's throw from the ancient village


If you love beer and nightlife then you probably won't rule out the possibility of taking a trip to the old port of Bari , precisely at the San Nicola pier, behind the Margherita theater (the theater built on the sea).

The San Nicola pier , also known in Bari as “N-dèrre la lanze”, is one of the most historic, traditional places and which best represents those characteristic features of the Bari area. It is a place with two faces: in the morning it is frequented by fishermen and their market, while in the evening it becomes a fixed stop for many young people who want to enjoy a beer on the pier .

In fact, in this area there is an open-air beer garden which over time has become a real meeting place for many people from Bari and, for some time now, also for tourists .

The old port is not at all far from the ancient village and is easily reachable even if you are on the opposite side of the seafront . In the evening, especially with the arrival of the hottest days, the San Nicola pier transforms into a real reference point for entertaining by the sea.

So if you decide to take a walk along the Bari seafront and pamper your palate with Bari street food , you could also later stop by the old port to enjoy a cold beer.


Where is the old port located?

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