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Investing in short-term rentals in Bari

GUEST POST Do you have an apartment in Bari and are you thinking of renting it? Here are some tips In a beautiful region like Puglia it is not easy to be at the forefront of tourist preferences. According to data from the "Digital Management System" of the Puglia Region, however, Bari is the most sought after destination. The Apulian capital manages to […] Find out more

Do you love Puglia and would like to buy a house? Here's what to know

GUEST POST The dream of many foreign tourists is to be able to buy a house in Puglia. Here are some guidelines Are you looking for a house in Puglia? The requests of foreign buyers to buy a house in Puglia (Italy), for investment use or to live there in certain periods of the year, are not concentrated only in cities such as Bari, Polignano [...] Find out more

Most beautiful places to see in Italy? 8 reasons why

Most beautiful cities to visit? 8 good reasons to visit Bari, among the most beautiful Italian cities to see If you are reading this page it is probably because you have suddenly developed a desire to travel that pushes you to search online for places , especially the most beautiful cities […] Find out more

Would you like to live in Bari?

GUEST POST Feeling more from Bari than tourist: Here are some suggestions for investing and buying a house in Bari This section of the blog is dedicated to real estate tourism, as well as to those who wish to experience Bari (the capital of splendid Puglia), who want to feel like they are from Bari and no longer like simple tourists. For this reason we put our […] Find out more

Story of a respectable family: discover 7 Apulian locations of the

Here is where some scenes of "Story of a respectable family" were filmed, the Canale 5 drama. After "Life in front of oneself" broadcast on Netflix and filmed with the splendid Sophia Loren, "The investigations of Lolita Lobosco" and recently " Until the last beat”, all films and dramas shot in and around Bari, here […] Find out more

There are emotions that cannot be explained... or maybe

7 June 2021 The emotional video of There are emotions that cannot be explained and places that cannot be described... Or maybe yes! You may also be interested in Big musical events: the “Battiti Live 2022” starts from Bari European Museum Night: extraordinary openings for €1 Vertical Urban Tour: in May […] Find out more

Bari and surroundings in 5 days

Do you have almost a week to visit Bari and its surroundings? Here's what you could see in 5 days Some tips for spending 5 unforgettable days in Bari and in the beating heart of Puglia If you are looking for some tips on what to see in Bari and the surrounding area during your five-day trip then you are consulting the […] Discover moreover

The Church in the Rock

The church carved into the rock: the suggestive Madonna della Grotta Sanctuary on the outskirts of Bari The Madonna della Grotta Sanctuary is a beautiful archaeological site surrounded by greenery and located on the outskirts of Bari. History has it that the origins of this structure date back to the 8th century and that throughout its history the church […] Find out more

An American magazine rewards Puglia: it is among the destinations

23 January 2021 The US magazine Forbes includes Puglia among the most beautiful destinations for a holiday in 2021. News that once again turns the spotlight on the Apulian territory. Puglia, in fact, continues to dream and make people dream, as well as attracting more and more attention beyond the Italian borders, arriving once again […] Find out more