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Do you love Puglia and would like to buy a house? Here's what to know

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The dream of many foreign tourists is to be able to buy a house in Puglia. Here are some guidelines


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Are you looking for a house in Puglia?
The requests of foreign buyers to buy a house in Puglia (Italy) , for investment use or to live there in certain periods of the year, are not only concentrated in cities such as Bari, Polignano a Mare and Monopoli but also in smaller but equally famous centers how sought after: we are talking about places such as Locorotondo, Giovinazzo and Conversano , to name just a few.

Regardless of your favorite destination, and observing the great interest on the topic, here are some questions that absolutely must not be missed if you have decided to make your dream come true by purchasing a house in splendid Puglia!

1) Which foreigners can buy a house in Puglia (Italy)?

– Foreigners not regularly residing in Italy.
– Subject who is a citizen of the EU or belonging to EEA countries.

2) What should a foreigner do to buy a house?

purchase a property in Italy, a foreign citizen must first of all be in possession of the tax code issued upon request by the public office called the Revenue Agency. The tax code is mandatory for everyone: Italians, EU or non-EU foreigners.

3) How does a foreigner who buys in Puglia pay for the property?

The foreign buyer can open a current account directly in Italy and transfer the sums (the bank will indicate the procedure to follow) or can sign a trust mandate with the notary chosen for the trust deposit.

4) Who can help you buy a house?

Generally the seller tries to sell at a higher price than the market price. For this reason it is necessary to distinguish between the asking price and the actual selling price. It is essential to avoid making mistakes to rely on the international group such as "RE/MAX Stella Polare Real Estate Agency" synonymous with transparency, seriousness and reliability.

More information
If you need more information on what is indicated in the article or if you are looking for our professional – Dr. Pietro Palermo REMAX Stella Polare real estate consultant - able to help you in choosing the purchase of your property in Puglia, send us an email or a whatsapp message on 320 80 71 557; you will be contacted within 24 hours to help you with your search.

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