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Where to see the ancient steam locomotive from 1901 that crossed the Bari area.


See locomotive 900 Bari

Not just the history of Bari , but the history of an era that no longer exists.

This splendid example of a locomotive is evidence of what were the means of rail transport at the beginning of the 20th century; the vehicle you see in the image on the left had the task of transporting passengers from Bari to the southernmost parts of Puglia , in this case arriving as far as Locorotondo and then returning back to the capital .

See Bari Noci LocomotiveDespite the signs left by time and atmospheric agents (the carriage is currently exposed to the open air) you can notice some very interesting details that will make you retrace the history of the locomotive ; this is the manufacturer's brand of this train (visible on the dome located at the top) belonging to a Belgian company and, above all, the cabin number labeled FSE – N.6 with a typical lettering of the time.

An authentic monument to the history of transport and the world we leave behind, a locomotive which, despite being decommissioned around the 1960s, continues to fascinate with its bodywork and tells the story of the drivers who have used this carriage over the years to accompany thousands of passengers from one country to another.

The locomotive called "Noci" can be admired inside the FSE station in via Oberdan , just outside the center of Bari .

Where is the locomotive located?

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