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The real Santa Claus is buried in Bari. CNN also talks about the city of San Nicola

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December 14, 2023

CNN Travel turns the spotlight on Saint Nicholas, the patron saint of Bari and symbol of the legend of Santa Claus


Santa Claus buried in Bari

Bari is again in the news on CNN , but this time the protagonist is St. Nicholas , the patron saint of Bari and symbol of the legend of Santa Claus .

In an article published in the "Travel" section of CNN, the story of the bishop of Myra is told together with some accompanying interviews to better understand the cult of Saint Nicholas, the traditions of the Bari people and the strong link of "Santa Claus" with Christmas . An article which shows how Saint Nicholas in Bari is considered a "local hero" precisely by virtue of some of his acts of generosity and charity towards sailors, traders, women and above all children. The gestures of giving gifts to the poor, in fact, are the basis of the connection between Saint Nicholas and the modern image of Santa Claus as a bringer of gifts during the Christmas holidays.

A figure, that of Saint Nicholas , which over time has become a central symbol of Christmas , especially in the cultures in which the tradition of the Saint is rooted, whose remains rest peacefully in the basement of the Basilica of Bari named after him.

Santa Claus buried in Bari
Saint Nicholas on CNN Travel
Basilica San Nicola Santa Claus Bari

If you are curious to better understand the history of the Saint who inspired Santa Claus in the world or to find out what the people of Bari think of Saint Nicholas with related traditions, it is advisable to read the beautiful CNN article : travel/bari-italian-town-santa-claus-buried/index.html

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